Back, and Website!

Posted by anthonyloprimo on May 17, 2015, 11:56 p.m.

So…. here, again. I've been plodding through life. Things have been -mostly- the same. A few changes, though…

First - I've got a Drivers License! I've finally snagged a license, so I just gotta find a car, though no money. And that goes hand in hand with the second thing.

Second - We're losing the house. A couple of years after my grand aunt passed away, and we're finally getting to deal with finding a new place to live. No money, though.

Third - got this up and running, decided to give it a shot just for kicks, and see if/how it pans out. Might try for additional "walls" later on! Taking a look and spreading the word would be muchly appreciated!


anthonyloprimo 9 years ago

Heh, not really. Nothing worth posting here. Honestly, art has been almost nonexistent as I worked on this website, and some other things to try and start earning extra cash. :/