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canttouchthis30 posted on June 10, 2007 at 1:27 AM

Ya, I rule.

Yes I do.

Flashback Edit: Not likely, you're nothing of value; That's your problem

canttouchthis30 posted on May 18, 2007 at 1:50 AM

WTF its a Dinosaur/The suns a star?

Little while since I wrote a blog, but here I am. I know you guys missed me. Played Counter-Strike for the last week straight. That game is F**king awesome. Does anyone else play it? I've been surfing the web way to much for the last month. Some sites i've been on include (your the man now dog),,,, and of course everyones favorite website LACTOSETOLERANCE.ORG Everyone has signed the petition, right. Anyway school is boring as normal. Math teacher is still trying to come up with plans to torture me. Me and SirRez just laugh at the ignorant people in are class. Just a week ago many kids in our class finally realized that the sun was a star awfter the teacher stated it thinking everyone new that. Somebody also asked, and they were not trying to be funny, said, and I quote "What is sound". If thats not stupid I don't know what stupid is. Been surviving though this school year somehow especially with the "geniuses" in our class. To end this dumb blog here is a awesome vid/song I got off of

canttouchthis30 posted on May 05, 2007 at 3:32 AM

Lactose Tolerance

Join the fight! Quoted from

Lactose Tolerance™ is a grass-roots movement committed to promoting the rights of flavored-milk lovers across this great land. Our promise is to promote tolerance for milk in all its flavors and forms. Our agenda is to recognize and celebrate the wholesomeness, yumminess and overall goodness of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and, yes, even banana milk. To that end, we proclaim that every day is Lactose Tolerance™ Day. So, drink up and spread the love.

this will help explain it:
Fight for yer right to drink so Pretty please, join the club and support what we all love, MILK! Remember national lactose tolerance day is June 1.

Just for fun go to (best site ever)