Posted by death on July 4, 2014, 8:53 p.m.

I just got the documents for my eviction from the apartment I have lived in the past 5 years. I was completely unaware of the situation since my girlfriend's mother was paying the rent and I was paying everything else. Apparently she never paid last month's rent so now I hold a document in my hand today that says I gotta be off the premise by Monday. (7/7/14)

Last month we had a break-in here while I was at work, stole my girlfriend's $700 laptop and supposedly $300 from her mother's room - which is her excuse for not paying the rent. That still isn't acceptable seeing as she said at the time, that she would be able to pay the rent, had she at least talked to me about it, it wouldn't have been a problem for me, I could pay it. But no, here I am, being evicted.

To make matters worse, my girlfriend's mother's residency has expired so she got laid off from her job, no income at all on her side. What a mess. She only had over 10 years to renew it. She did file for citizenship a while back but obviously too close to the deadline.

Well things aren't all bad, this apartment is a terrible place to live and a bad neighborhood. I'm almost relieved that I can finally leave, although i wish it had been under better circumstances.

My gf's mom is moving in with her cousin in another city, while I'm gonna stay here in Orlando and move into another apartment with my girlfriend. Luckily we found a place under extremely short notice but I already made the payments and received the keys today! What luck, it's a really nice place too, huge step up from where I've been and it's cheaper too - although much shorter, it's a studio. I've been staying in a 2 bedroom with 2 baths so it's a big difference in size but I'm okay with that. I only need one room anyway.

I barely managed to scrap up all my savings to make the deposits and start-up fee's, which there were a lot of - I was forced to get renter's insurance to move into this new place, first I ever heard of that. Unfortunately we did have to take out a loan to cover it all but it's not too large of a loan so not a problem there.

So, officially adulthood now. Paying my own rent, bills, food, and so on. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time. I'm worried I won't have enough money, when accidents pop up they can cost a lot and I don't have any money saved, completely broke right now. My job is nearly minimum wage and to make things worse, I haven't been getting many hours there recently so… it's looking bleak.

Still, I'm trying my best to stay optimistic in this situation, I've always been the responsible one of the household (except on steam summer sales…) but this is a whole new challenge for me.

Since my options are so low, I may have no choice but to go full-time at my lame job. Which would make going to school much tougher but I really don't have the choice, I need to increase my monthly income practically double. There is no one to rely on by myself now (and my girlfriend of course).

And now some game stuff:

Haven't worked on any games this week because of this situation but before this happened, I was working on an RPG in RPG Maker VX Ace for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. My entry was over ambitious as always so it ultimately fell short of it's initial expectations. In other words, it's pretty short and technically incomplete. It's about 2-4 hours of game play depending on how you play. It's fairly standard jrpg fair using the default RTP. I spent a lot of time designing the maps and the story but it doesn't really get deep into the story at all, in it's current state it just introduces the player to the world and the main character but still much isn't learned yet.

I took a fairly average approach in the pacing of the game, which wasn't a good idea considering it's a competition entry so it's very slow pace at first and not very exciting. That's unfortunate but I really don't mind that at all, it'll pick up and get far more interesting later on - it's just too bad the judges will never get to see where it goes so it's not going to give great first impressions in an hour.

Oh well, if you wanna check it out by any chance, here's my submission.

Hopefully once I get fully moved and settled in, I'll be starting up one of my projects again. Not sure what yet but working with RPG Maker has only made me feel like programming my own engine again so I may continue that NES style RPG I was working on last year. Since the engine is practically complete, maybe I can finally start the damn maps I've been too lazy to sprite for.


Powerful Kyurem 9 years, 11 months ago

Did they give you 30 days notice? It might be different for missed rent, but they're supposed to give 30 days notice. Not that it matters anyway, since you wanted to leave. XD

(I watch a /lot/ of court tv on antenna. XD)

Acid 9 years, 11 months ago

That sounds kind of extreme for ONE missed payment. Also, like PK said, you should have gotten 30 days notice… unless they told your girlfriends mom and she neglected to tell you.

death 9 years, 11 months ago

@acid: that is exactly what happened. they notified her, and she never said anything about it. it wouldve been nice to at least know, wouldve made planning and packing easier.

Alert Games 9 years, 11 months ago