Terror alpha release 2 & S4D

Posted by death on Sept. 8, 2014, 10:45 p.m.

Here is the 2nd alpha release of my main project, Terror. I've decided to switch over to indieDB for uploading and blogging about this project. I figure a bigger site may offer more feedback. You can check out the game's page here:

Download Terror @ indie DB

There are a few new additions in this version:

- mouse sensitivity options

- performance options such as Deactivation Distance and clipping

- a new enemy type

- a new map

- enemy and weapon graphics switched to freedoom assets

I probably won't release another demo for a long time. Way after the S4D comp at least. Unless there are any critical bugs that need fixing. My next release will most likely be a beta, at least containing all major features.

S4D Plans:

My plans for my S4D entry will be quite similar to what I did last year with Lost In October. It'll be a dark, slow paced horror game with exploration and puzzle solving. However I'm not going to waste time trying to make it look as realistic as GM can manage. That took way too much time to get a game that didn't look that good anyway. So instead, I'm using Terror's engine for the 3D rendering and mapping.

I'll create a fork off the current engine and add in some specific features for my S4D entry. It'll have dynamic lights, that much I am sure of. I have no clue what type of setting I will do but I'm thinking something with dungeons or a prison. It'll be easier to do with the engine, that way I can avoid the trouble of making a modern setting. This time around, I may add a little more spice to the game play, perhaps some death and a little bit of hopeless combat to make the player feel weak because I'm evil like that.


Pirate-rob 9 years, 9 months ago

That 136th IndieDB rank O.o

death 9 years, 9 months ago

heh that won't last long. it's already down to 606. the rank goes up whenever you update the game usually, as it gets to the top of "recently updated". than it quickly gets buried under everyone else's updates so you gotta keep up if you want to stay on top. I guess it encourages devs to keep updating at least.