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Pirate-rob posted on April 14, 2014 at 7:08 PM

Roses and Gems

Hey there! So this suddenly came out of the blue.
Short story: During march I started making a game for the april comp, then I realised it wasn't April *herpaderp*
So I decided I'd finish the game within that week. 3 weeks later I finished and waited 3 more for a friend to make all the music. And now it's released and published on Itch.io.
http://pirate-rob.itch.io/roses-and-gems I can't remember where I first heard of Itch.io, but I'm fairly certain it was Acid, so thanks ^^

If you'd like a free copy, just ask on irc or something, I don't like asking for money from people I know ^^.

So yeah, I've actually released a game, woo~!

Pirate-rob posted on April 11, 2014 at 11:28 PM

64DSCGDF-Something-like-that Pirated ver. 1

Ah I should get around to writing a blog shouldn't I? This is my first time though, so be gentle~ *strokes beard*

Now, I could go into all the technical detail and such, but no one cares for that *sigh*
So pictures!!!!!!
Ok, maybe a little explanation first. Basically, every enemy in the game can be damaged by removing pixels, usually through violent means, eg. throwing swords,lava,fare,ect.
Now ever pixel is in one of 14 groups. The first 12 Are the primary, secondary and tertiary colours. (I think that's right.) The other 2 are "stone" and "flesh". the last two are use very broadly though. Stone is zero saturation and flesh is any colour under 50% saturation (This'll probably change to 80-90%). Now every group corrisponds with an element. So orange is fire, red is lave, blue is water ect.
Now the normal way to kill something it to destroy all solid pixels within it (Solid is anything that isn't a liquid or gas, ie stone,ice,plant,ect) But most creatures are powered by some source of non-solid. Like a plant/stone golem is controlled by the plant, so if you remove all the plant from it, it'll die instantly. Now you could either do surgically precise sword throws to destroy the plant, or you can shoot flames to burn it out.
So yes, there are going to be reactions between different elements.
Now, pics, srsly:
Your standard nuclear powered robot.

The perfect screenie, I'm throwing a sword while it's shooting electricity at me. Notice the damage I've done to it.

As you can see, I've taken out it's bottm half, the bit that makes it float, so it will now sink to the ground. I've also taken some hits myself (note the blood)

I didn't capture the elec bots epic defeat, sorry. This is a fireturret it's usually closed to protect it's core, but now it's open after shooting out the fireballs you see.

Here he is in his closed state, but I've taken some of his shield out. If either his core or 2 shield quaters are taken out, he'll get destroyed.

This time I manage to catch his defeat, pixels have gravity and bounce up and down for a while. (Oh yeah, notice the epic scar above my eye)

Here's me stabbing the plant things backside. Assuming I had a fire weapon, I could just burn his insides out, but instead I have to removed about 80% of his body.

Phew, done the battle, I have a few wounds. Only minor, nothing a bandage or potion couldn't fix.

Hope you like the game so far. See ya!

Pirate-rob posted on March 05, 2014 at 8:36 PM

Plan & Combat

So, I felt that R&R was feeling a bit grinding and lacking in tactics and inspired by a miscommunication between me and Steven a while ago, I decided to add a plan mode to Battles.

Plan mode allows you to position your chars as you please RTS style:

This will add some strategy to the game when there's finally a reason not to charge in the front gate of defences.

In other news, nearly all the characters now have their weapons except for about 3. I've started working on the special abilities, which will be a rarish occurance, when your morale is 100% and you have 8 energy then it will auto activate and knock out about 90% of the enemies on screen. Screeny:

I'll update the download once the plan mode is finished and powers work.
Thanks for reading/viewing.