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eagly posted on March 14, 2016 at 9:18 PM

Competition Time! [FIN]

We have a winner!


Get your votes in by Wednesday 9pm GMT. I've gone back on the 3 day voting period because I realised I'm busy for the whole of Thursday, Friday and probably most of Saturday. And it means a quicker turn around.
So VOTE VOTE VOTE. Post a comment with your first and second choice entries and on Wednesday at 9pm, I'll count the votes and choose a winner.

In the meantime, I'll try and get permissions in the Steam group for officers to actually modify the profile image...

The Entries



L.A.R. Games

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It's compemetition time!
In celebration of the fact that we now have control over the 64Digits Steam group again, I want to hold a competition to get a new profile picture designed for it! The current one is a bit crap and has been there for far too long.

What to do
So because we're a CAOLMLMIUNNOINTEY, we're turning that responsibility over to our members! Get out your paint brushes, your pencils and your tablets and make some sweet, sweet art.

Let's keep it 64Digits and gaming related. The image gets displayed at 184x184 pixels, so keep that in mind when you're doing your designering. No other requirements, no other constraints.

The Prize!
We'll take the entries, and again, let the community decide on which they like the best. The winner will get used as the new profile image for the group. I'll also give the creator of the winning entry a Steam game of their choice up to the value of £20!

You have from the exact moment you read this blog post up until next Monday the 21st of March. That's ONE WHOLE WEEK from now.

So get cracking!

eagly posted on November 03, 2015 at 6:26 PM

PSN Community

Hi everybody!

I've created a 64Digits PSN community, because I thought it might be fun. I know a few people here have a PS3/PS4 (not sure if communities is available on PS3? Let me know.) and a PSN account, so I have set one up so we can all connect and spy on each other.

If someone has already done this, please tell me. I can't seem to search for communities... :|

Currently I don't know how anyone can join the community other than becoming friends with me and then I invite you. So feel free to add me and I'll zing you an invitation! My PSN name is trolleybusses.

If you add me, maybe include in the message that you're from 64Digits, so I don't get confused.


eagly posted on April 06, 2014 at 7:41 PM

#64DSC: Colour Mode

Jus thought I'd post a quick dev blog. I haven't been able to work on this much (only about 4 hours or so) but this idea is simple enough that it doesn't require me to do much in terms of the code and game play mechanics. The bulk of the work will come in terms of puzzle and level design, which I may ask some of you for help with. :D

The idea is that you can only see the level one colour at a time. To get past obstacles you'll need to swap between the colours to reach the exit. So far I've added movable blocks, but this will grow to include other helpful items and things you'll need to do to get around the levels.

Graphics normally take me far too long, so I've gone for a very simple style here. I think it suits it quite well. I've got a notebook full of ideas for this, so I'm going to keep doodling on my train journeys and pick out the best ideas.

I'm determined to get this submitted for this competition! LET'S DO THIS.

Update: 08/04/2014 My plan as it stands:
- vertically moving platforms.
- doorways that lead to different places in the level.
- death- when you fall out of the level or switch colours and get spliced into a platform.
- pretty level transitions (I have a clear idea of how it should look in my head).
- level design- this is ongoing. I have a few drawings of levels scribbled down.
- make it pretty. I'd like some mood lighting in there and other things to just increase the visual appeal.
- controller input (nice to have- low priority).

This list will no doubt change. I have other ideas I haven't quite nailed down that will get added.

Update 08/04/2014 13:37:
Decided I don't like the // in the name so it is now just Colour Mode.