Haven and Hearth Survival MMO

Posted by factnfiction101 on March 31, 2013, 12:56 p.m.

I'm creating this blog for people who might want to try HnH. I might decide to play if I have time and if others are willing to start a village together. Haven and Hearth is a permadeath MMO survival/RPG. You will die and you will die a lot starting out.

It has a small community of people that still play (250ppl). From my understanding most permadeath MMOs don't have much of a community.

Helpful links:

Main Page

HnH Wiki

World 6 Map

Skills: How to unlock them

Curios: How to make LP

Sliders: What they do

Wiki's terrible guide on getting started

Getting Started:

The Best HnH Guide by Jackard

Sevenless' Guide also a good guide

My tips:

First things to do: (1) Find a good place to survive for now. A Moor or grassland (dead center of it) is a good place because because boars and bears can't spawn there B) (2) Find and make curios! Make Cone cows and find Dandelions, later you can find(if your Perception and Exploration is high enough) better curios. You can also raid anthills but be careful they can kill you. Avoid Rivers, find trees and discover what they have to offer you. Build a bed somewhere safe like a Moor or grassland area.

Dandelion 50LP 0.67hrs MW=1

Lady's Mantle 600LP 5hrs MW=6 (Swamp Areas)

Dew Lady's Mantle 600LP 5hrs MW=3 (Swamp Areas)

Emerald Dragonfly 800LP 4hrs MW=2 (Swamp Areas)

Ruby Dragonfly 2,400LP 4hrs MW=4 (Swamp Areas)

Ant Soldiers 200LP 0.67hrs MW=2

Ant Queen 500LP 1.33hrs MW=3

Ant Empress(uncommon/rare) 2,000LP 3.33hrs MW=6

Auroch's Hair 2,000LP 48hrs MW=1 (Found on Aurochs)

Itsy Bity's Web 5,000LP 36hrs MW=10 (randomly appears on foragables)

Itsy Bitsy 2,000LP 40hrs MW=6 (randomly appears on foragables)

(3) In the future find a GOOD spot to build your village (skip to bottom about creating a village and finding a location).

Don't use the default client download Ender's client instead and use it if you can. Ender's displays animals on your radar and shows their range. Running around with the default client is a great way to die.

Avoid Unknown Players, BEARS, Trolls, and Boars. Don't mess with Deers, Foxes, Ants, Aurochs, Rams, etc… until you know how to fight them. You can kill rabbits and raid ants fairly easy starting out.

Best way to kill an animal: From boat with a slingshot(unless it's a rabbit). You can kill Aurochs and Rams very easily like this, but foxes and boars like to run when their HP is low. You have to chase them down and attack them if your melee or unarmed combat is high enough. Deers can cure and they are harder to kill(more HP, travel in herds, cure ability). If you walk up to a deer and feed it a carrot it might do something for you :]

The world is not safe so use "Alt Characters" or "Throw away characters". I use a newly created alt to do chores outside of the village (such as gather water, chop down trees, dig clay, etc…). I also use a alt I call my forage alt to forage for curios(increase their perception and exploration), this character might later turn into a scout or hunter alt. Hunters/Fighter alts are also used foe hunting and fighting :|

Different Types of Alternate Characters(alts):

Key Alt: This alt is used ONLY to open the Palisade door and close it. NEVER EVER take it outside of your palisade!!! Don't let unknown people in. Key alt has the only key! Don't idle with him either, log on then log off. Don't trust unknown people people, and don't let them in even if they offer candy.

New Alt:Let this guy take the chance of dying. Let him go out and do the chores outside like gathering wood, water, clay, dirt, etc… They are also good for talking to unknown people who might try and kill you.

Forage Alt: Forage for curios in swamps, mountains, etc… Need to raise this characters Perception and Exploration to have a better chance at discovering curios.

Farmer Alt: Does the farming and Tree planting (you can also make him/her server dual roles such as cooking/crafting/etc…). Farming alt needs his Farming skill raised as high as you can get it. Intelligence also needs to be raised and maybe raise his agility or cons. DUAL ROLES

Crafting Alt: Makes jewelry, clothing, and clay things. Psyche Psyche Psyche, raise their psyche and Dex. Sewing needs to be raised. They can also take on another role also, maybe I should include something to say that like this: DUAL ROLES

Cooking Alt: Doesn't need to be explained. DUAL ROLES

Wood Working Alt: Creates High Quality wood objects (very important). Needs a Carpentry of 100 or 150, I think 270 would be the max, but I might be wrong. DUAL ROLES

Survival Alt: Doesn't need to be explained. 300 is the max for Survival skill DUAL ROLES

Smithing Alt: Doesn't need explained. If you can find him/her some smithing rings then they won't need a high Smithing skill level. I think 150 without rings should be about the max :? DUAL ROLES maybe even 3 roles or more

Miner Alt: Mines for Copper, Tin, and Iron. Needs a good quality Pickaxe or Stoneaxe. Strength needs to be high and Cons should be over 20, good percetion and exploration is helpful. A miner's helm would be good to wear or a bear cape for added Strength bonus. DUAL ROLES

Hunter/Fighter Alt: Doesn't need explained. Stats and skills to raise: Unarmed, Melee, and Marksmanship, Exploration; Str, Agility, Int(you can stop at 50 or so), Cons, and Perception. Marksmanship, Perception, and Exploration only if you're going use a bow. Stealth only if you're going to commit crimes (Don't commit crimes until you become better).

I think that's all for alts. Lawspeaker is a role, so I'm not including that.

Here was my setup:

Main Alt: Crafting/Woodworking/Smithing/Survival/Backup Farmer

Fighter Alt: Miner/Fighter/Hunter

Farmer: Farming/Tree Planter

Forager: Foraged

Cook: Cook/Miner/Forager

Picking a place to build a village:

(0) Nowhere near larger villages!

(1) Build a well within your village! VERY IMPORTANT! Water Quality is not important and low quality is still very very handy/needed!

(2) Build it a good distance from a river, lake, or any other source of water. So boat snipers can't kill your farm alts. If it's a good distance from water Raids on your village will be a pain in the ass B)

(3) Build it in the forest, not the swamp, moor, grassland, mudflats, etc…

(4) Near a clay node if you're able to.

Village size and construction (Palisade):

*A big size isn't too important in the beginning.

*Eventually you want the middle of the village used for farming so your farmer can farm peacefully from snipers. This means the farm area should be 50 tiles away from the walls. Also have your ovens/smelters near the farm area for the same reason.

*Don't build too many buildings near the entrance. Don't keep the place messy, put things up.

*Do not ever build a minehole in your village, raiders will find it and not have any problems getting into your village. This is the most common way raiders get into your village.

*Don't worry too much about building near a High Quality Clay, Dirt, and Water nodes. You can always send out New Alts to find them and bring them back.

This is my old plot in the village I joined. I lived in the open space to the North West. My buddy Grim lived South of there, you can just see the corner of his brickwall. I also stayed in his plot.

50 cows of our village.

A bunch of Ore Smelters, Kilns, Finery Forge, and Steel Crucibles. I forgot who owned the plot to the North :?

My longest blog entry ever.


factnfiction101 11 years, 1 month ago


Max damage = 60 * sqrt(ql / 10)

Min damage = 0.5 * (PER / AGL) * MAXDAMAGE

Slingshot = 60

Bow =110

RBow =300

Quality 250 Sling = 300 Damage @MAX

Quality 160 Sling = 240 Damage @MAX

Quality 90 Sling = 180 Damage @ MAX

Quality 40 Sling = 120 Damage @MAX

Lower Qualities = 60 Damage @MAX

Quality 250 Bow = 550 Damage @MAX

Quality 160 Bow = 440 Damage @MAX

Quality 90 Bow = 330 Damage @ MAX

Quality 40 Bow = 220 Damage @MAX

Lower Qualities = 110 Damage @MAX

Quality 250 RBow = 1500 Damage @MAX

Quality 160 RBow = 1200 Damage @MAX

Quality 90 RBow = 900 Damage @ MAX

Quality 40 RBow = 600 Damage @MAX

Lower Qualities = 300 Damage @MAX

Marksmanship needed:

Takes 10-30MM to use a Slingshot

50-100MM to use a Bow

250-300MM to use a RBow

factnfiction101 11 years, 1 month ago

Started playing in a village with RC, Toshi, Melons Yoshi, Seleny, Shin, and GameAddict. We created steel!

MY and I killed a raging pack of sheep. Boars keep invading. I think they plane to make a BRam.

RC has a creepy helmet, and is digging to China.

Toshi is building a wall.

Seleny and Shin are gardening.

GameAddict is too busy to play.

factnfiction101 11 years ago

I left the village. I meant to post this a few days ago. I stuck around for awhile even tho we made mistakes and I had my alts there. If you're not going to play for fun some then there is no point in playing.

(1) Not enough people playing. Main reason.

(2) Minehole is located inside of village (1 of the Biggest mistakes). Also villagers are wanting to dig toward other entrances putting the village at risk.

(3) Village is too small. No room to expand cos of hilly location and BrickWalled. Brick wall is also too close to the palisade in case we want to expand (needs to be a 1 square gap for patroling for BRams or expansion).

(4) Too many mistakes are being made.

Key Alt system isn't being used correctly.

Taking the keys outside of the gate (Biggest mistake you can ever make).

Duplicate keys.

(5) No room to grow trees or room for cheese racks. Won't be a problem until later in the game.

(6) Village design is bad.

Houses, cows, chickens are too far from garden.

Only one house is designated for crops. Village looks nice tho just not practical.

3 Main houses are behind a hill to the north on the opposite side of the village from the farm. Who wants to walk so far to put crops from the garden in the kitchen.

(7) Village location isn't great (too many hills). Too many settlements nearby. Not much room to expand.

(8) LS is new to the game and currently inactive.

(9) Village is not on a PClaim meaning someone can walk up claim almost half of the village and screw us over.

(10) Weird village system I seem like an outsider and have no say so. Law Speaker and Chieftain was decided without my input. It's no big deal tho. I expected Toshi and RC to be LS and Chief.

I don't feel like I should say these things to villagers for a few reasons.

I don't want to be considered a know-it-all.

I don't want to offend anyone.

I don't want to come across as a dick so I'm creating this instead.

Good job to the girls for their first time playing. I expected more deaths. Too bad they didn't stick around long enough to be slaughtered :( I like the HnH community but I wouldn't trust none of them with a knife, gun, or anything else.

Thanks for playing MelonsYoshi and GameAddict. It was good to play with you Toshi for the first time. He knows SO MUCH MORE THAN RC :D

factnfiction101 11 years ago

As of yesterday the village was raided. None of the methods I mentioned was used to raid the village tho. Didn't get the Brickwall up fast enough. I tried to help out some, but people lost interest in the game. Toshi worked very hard on the wall and around camp :(

I had a PClaim up at the bottom, I knew I should have left it there. ffs.


A few days ago my village plot was raided. Maybe I'm bad luck.