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factnfiction101 posted on July 13, 2016 at 4:09 AM

Old Games of mine (pretty horrible games)

Some of my old games...

I put my name on some of my games as request by a GED teacher, I would have rather not put my name everywhere.

Eric's Knowing Numbers: A simple game I made for learning how numbers work. It's made to quiz people on their knowledge. It's not made to teach.

Eric's Roman Numerals: Roman numeral games. I believe it goes all the way up to thousands. Very Simple in desgin, nothing fancy AT ALL.

Eric's US Map Game: Simple Geography quiz, I wanted to add voice to it sometime, but never got around to it.

Eric's Moneeeeeyyy: A game to help a person to count money, and also quiz to count up change. Quiz works good.

Backwards Writer: Type, copy, paste what you write backwards. It can also translate backwards messages for you.

doulikewindows: Prank program that floods the screen with small windows. Clicking on close on any box closes them all. It's not a trap program.

Drag N Drop For Seth: Game I made for my son. Drag things around using the mouse to create scenes. I have another version somewhere with a UI and music, but I can't find it.

Eric's Easy Math Game for Kids: Simple Addition/Subtraction game for kids. Comes with objects to count in case a child needs help. Cheesey Freeware graphics.

Eric's Memory Game: I forgot what this game is... :P

Fishing Game for Seth: I made this for Seth when he was little to help him to better use the mouse. I'm not sure if this version has music or not. Other version the fish speed up after every 3 minutes.

and etc... (I will describe the rest when I wake up, too sleepy currently)

Old Games.
Most of these games were made over 12 years ago, back in 2002 or 2003.

factnfiction101 posted on March 29, 2016 at 3:27 AM

Speed running old RPGs

So last month I decided to speedrun old RPGs after watching Youtube speedrun videos. It gave me an excuse to pick them up again and be a lazy. My other half thinks it's in bad taste to speedrun RPGs... She says that because she likes to take too long on every RPG she plays. Anyway... I played Final Fantasy 4, 6, and 7, only those so far. I will try not to give away too many spoilers.

Final Fantasy 4 Final Fantasy 4 fan art of characters Final Fantasy 4 Odin battle My first play through time of Final Fantasy 4 was 10 hours 30 minutes, I took my time some. Had fun with it. This was the first time I played through part 4 since 1997, still remembered quite a bit. For me FF4 was my first great RPG that I will always remember with fondness. It and Sim City were my first SNES games. Looking at them in Nintendo Power I knew I had to have them.

2nd play through time was about 4:00, It was tool assisted as they say.
I used level 99 code
start with best weapon codes
press "A" to summon the big whale at any time on the world map
and later on I figured out a better walk through wall code for version 1.1
I used a few glitches too, like weapon duplicate, Village of Myst skip. I haven't figured out how to use the 64 room glitch yet... It took several tries to figure out how to glitch my way through a certain part. With luck I did it.
My party was: Cecil, Cid, Kain, Yang, and Rydia (young)...
Yes, it was very tricky keeping those characters to beat the game. I wanted a warrior/fighter party. :D

3rd play through I beat it in 1:30, heavily cheated, lol. Very much tool assisted...
I used the same codes as mentioned before, but I started with more items.
My party was: Cecil, Kain. Rydia (young), Palom, and Porom.
Magic users was the theme this time.

I hope to make another run without cheats or glitches, I expect my time will be much higher, probably over 12 hours.

Final Fantasy 6 Final Fantasy 6 fan art of characters Final Fantasy 6 Atma weapon battle I only played through this til the end one time, but I reseted many many times. I wasted too much time. I got to the ruin world at least 2 different times. The last time I told my other half that I can beat this time, and so I did. I also had other goals too, not just speed...
Least amount of steps
Lowest levels possible
My final time was 5:56
Steps: 17,301
Tool assisted, I used start with weapons/armor codes, but no experience modifier codes, no stat codes, no level codes, nothing else. I didn't walk through walls or use any glitches. Yes, this was a huge headache...
Final levels:
Terra lv11, Edgar lv12, Sabin lv10, Mog lv15, Setzer lv10, Celes lv10
Cyan lv12, Gau lv10, Umaro lv11, Gogo lv13
I didn't get Relm, Shadow, Strago, or Locke, also I didn't get every esper.
My levels were really low, but I think I can beat it if I tried again. So yeah, I faced the final bosses with less than 400hp per character. One note about being on low levels, higher level enemies tend to miss hitting you a lot. I noticed a long time ago that the higher your levels are the more damage + chance of being hit increases.

I'm currently playing Final Fantasy 7 on my PS2, I'm considering buying it for my PS3 also. I don't think I can speedrun this game, it's way too long and enjoyable for me to run through. I'm not saying FF4 & FF6 are not as enjoyable, but they're easier to go through or restart and try again.

Final Fantasy 7 I beat it 3 times... First time was a terrible 20+ hours, but I did a lot and also took my time and spoke to NPCs. It's almost against my religion to speedrun this game. So my last two playthroughs I tried to make it to disc 3 with a level 6 Tifa and fight the strongest bosses in the game with only her.

It didn't go well, lol. It's too hard of a challenge...

Now I'm playing Mother 3 for the GBA, playing it on my PSP. I never got around to playing, until now.

factnfiction101 posted on March 08, 2016 at 1:57 PM

New Workout routine

New Workout routine as of 11/15/2015
Monday Arms & Chest Inclined Bench Butterflies Warm up: 7 sets, light weights, high reps (60+), 1 min rest.
Inclined Bench Butterflies: 3 sets, 80lbs, 8-12 reps, 1 min rest.
Inclined Bench Butterflies: 1 set, 120lbs, 1-2 reps, 1 min rest.
Inclined Bench Butterflies Cool down: 4 sets, light weights, high reps (60+), 1 min rest.

Overhead Presses, Curls, Wrist Curls, Standing flies, and Shoulder Shrugs same as above...

Tuesday Legs & Stomach also cardio 1/2 Sit Ups (Warm Up): 30 minutes, rest 1 minute.
Sit Up: 3 sets until failure, rest 1 minute...

Calf Raises (Warm Up): 3 sets, No weights, Until failure.
Calf Raises: 3 sets, 120lbs, Until failure, rest 1 min.

Leg Extensions and Leg Curls same as Calf raises.

Weds: Cardio day
Thursday Arms & Chest Same as Monday

Friday Legs & Stomach also Cardio Same as Tuesday

Weekend: Cardio + free time
For cardio I do either 10-15 miles on bike, walk 6 miles, or 20+ miles on exercise bike. Hopefully, soon I can do 20 miles a day on bike and it won't take over 2 hours...