I quit Haven and Hearth

Posted by factnfiction101 on March 26, 2015, 11:14 a.m.

Warning, this is probably boring… Sorry, Tiny Pic isn't loading my pictures…

So yeah. I've quit. I don't have the time to spend on it. I've done a good job of avoiding MMORPGs, up until Haven and Hearth.

I started playing world 7 September 5th 2014 and quit playing March 23rd 2015. I created my village (Village of Idiots) on September 14th.

My village in November:

Starting out my alt Jupiter died (running from aurochs, lol), that's when I met a guy that gave me his smithy hammer and a bone saw. He told me to come pick up an anvil he wanted to give me, but I never went back. He said he was moving further north, but he was killed x_x

I helped out a few people during my time playing HnH, and most of those people have been killed. An experienced player that lived near a mountain was cool, but he made the mistake of taking out his main (blacksmith/crafter). A Dis jerkface killed him by the name of Mikeboy. I'm guessing Dis came back to his place, got in through the minehole, and killed his alts again.

AD killed Mikeboy less than a day later, karma has a way of catching up with you in this game. At the time I knew the guy was in Dis' mine area mining their nodes… So yeah, karma…

Met another player named Prowny, very weird guy. Wanted to pay me for everything I gave him… He later joined the jerkfaces of York and went out raiding places, guess what place he decided to ram? He posted a screenshot of a farming area he thought was a neat design. I don't think he realized that I would see it and discover that he's been hanging around my place… His York friends broke my wife's Property Claim in the cave right beside of the farming area he thought was neat. This was after I joined Village of the Ancients. Thankfully, I still did ram checks on my place…

Just looking for the screenshot of Prowny's, he has deleted it.

Around December, I joined Village of the Ancients. I can't mention the leader's names, but I was in a village full of lazies (except Keiri, he wasn't too lazy). One leader had to pay villagers to do stuff around the village, lol. Smite and his weird older brother were the first to quit playing. This was after our leader wasn't able to play. Keiri quit the next day, for w/e reason. Some guy named Leon wanted to play in the village, but then never did after I got everything set up for him as with two other new guys… I got Leon set up with several mining spots, a boat, 2 large chests, q105 pickaxe, bear cape, etc… Lazies….

I can't believe there are so many people who join a village to leech off of it. People who won't play the game, just take curios… I thought about inviting people to play in my village a few times, looking back… It's a good thing that I didn't!

A cheesemints:

Built my own big village (with my wife's help)

16 kilns, 15 ore smelters, 13 chicken coops, 3 stone mansions, 3 cabins, 7 ovens, and plenty of sniper free farming areas.

Figaro Underground, my secret village in a level 4 mine. The picture is old, I hadn't mined out all of the black areas yet,

AAAaaahhh! You found me! Another underground village I made. I created it in case I got scented items from trading with people. I'll explain: In HnH big factions are greedy jerks, they will steal their own items and give them scents, so when you trade with someone they will be able to track down that item. So of course the item will take them directly to your village. So that's the point of the tiny village.

Poopville Village: The place where I keep my animals.

Rammed lv3 minehole to make Fiagro Underground safer

Milked 18 cows 2-3 times daily :(

Bred tons of pigs, cows, and sheep

Raised an character strong enough to break a palisade (palibasher)

Broke my palisade

Fisted most all of the animals in the game.

Fisted a rabbit

Fisted a frog

Fisted a fox

Fisted a boar

Fisted a bear

Stole a wagon from an abandoned claim

Stole a cow

Rode the wagon with the cow into the sunset (kinda)

I would not recommend this game to people. unless they like playing very very difficult MMOs with permadeath. Not to mention the terrible community. Despite those things you can survive on your own, I did it pretty easily this world. A few tips from me if you want to give it a try:

-Never ever build a minehole or have a cave in your village. Easiest way of being raided.

-Never build your village near rivers or lakes. It shouldn't be visible by people boating near it.

-Don't depend on cliffs to act as walls…

-Make sure your Property Claim covers the whole village and then some.

-Build a palisade village as soon as you can, and then build a brickwall behind it.

-Don't send characters out of your village that you don't mind having killed. I only sent out foragers after I established myself.

-Don't take keys out of the village

-Don't make a person a LawSpeaker that isn't going to play much…

-Build a Crossroad system and use wine to warp.

-Never give out CrossRoads to anyone (obviously make sure there are not CR leading to your village).

-Don't trust anyone.

-Use more than 1 character… Key Alt for holding keys (never leave keys in anything)

Farmer alts = Farming only, protect this alt like he is your village's life, because he or she is. It's good to have 2 or more farmers (with at least 400+ farming) in the village to feed animals, because it becomes a boring chore pretty quickly…

Foragers = Forage for curios, they can and will die. They need to have over 66 perception and 100 exploration, and now at least 40 survival.

I'll add more to this later…


Awakezok 9 years, 1 month ago

Ahh HnH. I was really into it for the first couple of weeks after discovering it, and then just completely lost interest. While I'm not quite sure of the specific intention the creators had for the game, it seems like the game didn't deliver much in the way that they were hoping it would. To my impression it just seems a bit flawed in design, personally I kind of struggled to see a reason for progressing in the game. Mainly there's just not much reason to want to interact with other players, sure you can co-operate to achieve something but you can do the same by just using alts. It seems like it is meant to be an platform for roleplaying as well, but I haven't seen anybody actually try to do that aside from a few friends of mine who played the game for a bit. There just doesn't seem to be much interaction between the greater game community besides raids, and without community interaction the whole thing seems a bit pointless to me.

It is a cool little simulator though. And I haven't played it extensively or been on its forums much so I'm sure there is more to it than what I have seen.

factnfiction101 9 years, 1 month ago

While I'm not quite sure of the specific intention the creators had for the game


Swimming = death for noobs, among other things in this game. They love bug abuses, account hackers, etc… Loftar is the laziest programmer that you can imagine… also he solves bugs and glitches sometimes in the worst way possible. This game has been botted to death…

As with most MMOs the reason to progress is stats/gear/etc… HnH is also a sandbox type game too, so you can build a big village or w/e.

Mainly there's just not much reason to want to interact with other players

It's safer not to. This is why in a permadeath game you need throw away characters to go outside on. Most of the game clients have "auto-hearting", the ability to warp or "hearth" as soon as the client spots a person. If you would have asked me a year ago if this MMO or any MMO is social I would have told you "Nope, sure isn't. They're not made that way". I think some MMOs can be social, not this one.

There just doesn't seem to be much interaction between the greater game community besides raids, and without community interaction the whole thing seems a bit pointless to me.

Most of the HnH community views the game as a game for raiding, griefing, or PVP. This game is intended to be played that way. The fighting or battle system in this game is crap and constantly being messed with by Loftar who said several times before that he doesn't understand it much (LOL). World 7 fighting was changed because of a big crybaby Jordan Coles complaining about movement combat. So his buddy Loftar steps in and changes movement combat. Now, leet players need to have a B12 axe with them to fight with and many buckets of the highest quality water.

I played the game off and on quite a bit. The 6 months that I played sure feels much longer.I also played at the starting of world 7 for maybe a month, I quit. I didn't want to spend my summer inside playing it. World 6 I managed to raise a farmer's farming skill to 400 something, I think? This world my farmer had 550 farming this time around.

Nopykon 9 years, 1 month ago

It looks like Farmville with a bunch of debug-vectors poking around so that's kind of off putting, but it seems very involving. Stopped reading after "Starting out my alt Jupiter died…". I've heard- and know- almost nothing about how it works. Not sure I want to. ^_^ "Fisted a rabbit" ?? Cheers!