I just got shot

Posted by firestormx on May 10, 2005, 11 p.m.

Actualy, I didn't get shot.

I wish.

This summer me and my friend, Mike, are gonna bus to BC for a week (Other side of Canada)

Assuming my parents let me anyway.

Mike's friend's dad is a swat officer in Toronto, so he's gonna ask the guy if we can borrow an mp5 (ha) and I'm gonna be playin' with the switches, and triggers, and what-not.

Oh yeah, we're gonna have fun.

And I'm gonna be in charge of…Most of the money.

And I'm cheap and conservitive. So we're gonna bring a tent, and just camp out in people's backyards.

If anyone notices us:

"Who are you guys, and wtf are you doing in our backyard?!"

"Who are we?! Why, we're yur cousins from Oh-hi-oh."

"Umm…We don't have cousins from Ohio."

"Sure ya' do, ya' gots us!"


"Hmm, we's is awful tired. We'll catch up on memories tomorow, we've got to get this tent up soon, 'cause you know…That's what we do down dere in oh-hi-oh"

Then when we leave, we'll just shout in their window "Ya'll come visit now, ya' hurr!"

We're so getting arrested.

What with the bottle rockets, hotwiring, and tying fake missles behind the bus…Yeah. This summer is gonna be awesome.

I should start making a list of everything we're gonna do.

Anyway, seeing as I semi-own this site, I figure I should be updating more.

But…You know. I'm a rebel yo. Fight society!

Then society gave me that bloody nose in my pic…So now I'm society's bitch.

What should I write about?

Let's write about how useless piano lessons are. =)

Unless you're gonna be in a band or something, it's fucking useless.

And I am NEVER going to be in a band.

And that's what I tell my parents.

But noooo. "When you get older, you're gonna be glad you took piano lessons"

Hmm, that's true. I'm gonna build a time machine and go forward in time, and list all the times I'll be glad I knew how to play the piano. (Don't question my mental health! <_<)

*flash of light, and all that spiffy fireworks stuff, and I dissapear*

*another flash of light, and I appear*

I'm back! Huzzah!

And oh boy, was I ever glad I knew how to play the piano! Lemme list all the times it benefited me!

<table style="border: solid 1px #000000; font-family: verdana; font-size: 10px; color: #000000;" width="100%"><tr><td>

-One time I fell down a well, and lassie wasn't around. Guess what got me out of that one. Yup, the piano.

-I was gonna get fired from my job. But then, I busted out tha tunes (Waltz in a minor fo' life foo') and I got promoted

-I was getting mugged, but then my uber-1337 piano playingness instincts kicked in! But then the guy shot me, and took my money.

-A mugger once shot me, but I was able to get myself to the hospital by playing the piano.

-My plane crashed in the middle of the dessert. The fools I was flying with went off and tried to build a new plane. I simply started playing the piano, and I was telleported to saftey.

-I was about to get evicted from my apartment, but then I played the piano, and people gave me money.

-I had a nervous break down, and the therapist said I should play the piano. So I did. I'm much better now. =)

-I got in a horrible car accident, but I was able to stay alive long enough for the paramedics to come, by playing the piano.

-I was at a party, and it was getting really boring. So I started playing the piano.


Oh wait. none of that will ever happen. =)

Not even the livening up the party part.

Seriously, that's the biggest reason my parents give. (Entertainment) But it's not gonna happen.

"Oh wow, I'm bored. Hey Rob, play us some Bethoven."

Anyway, the reason I brought up the piano, is because I just realized I have a piano theory exam on Saturday.


I have to memorize 3 pages of italian, german, and french terms. In 3 days. Or 4. I don't know.

But the point is, that I can't memorize stuff.

Even when I was coding this site, I was constantly looking up stuff from php.net.

So yeah, I'm kinda screwed in that department.

I think society says I can stop writing now.


charlo 17 years, 1 month ago

My Dad's been pressuring me to take Piano for 10 years. If I can hold out 3 more years, I'll never have to touch that blasted instrument again.

Oh, and have fun with your little bottle rockets. I've got an entire stockpile of weapons-grade plutonium under my bed that would put your little toy rockets to shame.

mooselumph 17 years, 1 month ago

Are you any good at piano? I play the piano as well, although I'm not as good as I should be. Why? Well, because I don't practice as much as I should.

I've never, in my entire piano playing experience, had to take a piano theory exam, though; I can read music (probably not as well as I should) and play the notes, but in most cases, I don't know what all of the terms mean.

I resent some of your statements, however. For example, my piano has helped me out of the well on several occasions. It even takes me out to dinner once a week. We're great pals, the piano and I.

Sounds like you've got some interesting plans for the summer. I'm …….. jealous. I have a math class, Mon. - Thurs., all summer.

chicklet 17 years, 1 month ago

:) oh robbie… you do know how to make me laugh… *cheesy laugh*

meow and blah…


chicklet 17 years, 1 month ago

HA HA!!!!!!!

uh huh…


i released 21 frogs to create a small plague!!



you? :)

rule by computer maybe??

chicklet 17 years, 1 month ago

ha ha!

yes yes…

tis true…




i made you an offer you cant refuse…






*rubs hands evil-ly….*


so what says you???

chicklet 17 years ago

ha ha! well gluh!!!

how could i not mention you!