Posted by frankie on Dec. 1, 2014, 10 p.m.


I have updated some of my games. Some of the updates are minor, others are more


Mystic Castle -> Not much of an update, "ghost" fire is now gone. Before, "ghost"

fire from an enemy you killed would still come from them and could kill you. This

problem have been removed.

Hover Tank Battle Arena -> You now won't be stuck against the walls, it is a bit fast

(I think), and music that didn't play during the boss fight now does.

the Grand Palace -> You no longer will be able to move while you are crouched down.

the Matrix of Time -> The glowing circle which you control is now smaller and object

were close to the edge of the play field have been moved a bit further into the play


Sir Randolph the Visionary's Black Onyx Yew Wand -> The male character's attack reaches

further, the female character can kill most enemies with just two shots instend of three,

and the items you need to pick up have be moved. Before, if you picked up two of the

same item, the game would treat this as if you picked up just one. But this problem

is gone.

the Enchanted Scepters -> The walls are now much thicker, so you can notice them a lot

better. The area where you need to kill the monster who power the barrier that blocks

your way into the castle is much smaller. You need to kill only four of these monsters

instead of six. Enemies that moved to quickly have been slowed down. There is also

a road that shows the way to the castle.

If you never tried any of these games before, please give them a look. If you have played

them before, please try them again. You hopefully will have a better experience playing

them. THANKS.


Alert Games 9 years, 4 months ago

Are the games updated on 64digits? There doesn't seem to be an update time on the game page so I cant tell…

frankie 9 years, 4 months ago

Yes they are. These games are all on 64digits. Just look under the games page.