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gamercat posted on September 21, 2006 at 1:08 AM

A most morbidly halarious day

Hey everyone, (if there ever was anyone) I thought I'd post about what I did today. It's been quite the long tiem since I've posted an entry, but it could be nice to get things off my mind, since most people hate listening to rants. But I'm sure you guys love it, plus it's morbidly halarious. =D So sit back and enjoy, and do something fun after reading this, for the love of cheese. >:(
So here we go.

I had to take a 3 hour long test today. O_O It was somewhat like an sat but the only break we had was 2 minutes to get up and walk around the gym. Due to the tests length, it stretched into third period, which happened to be my favorite class, in which they took a field trip today that had been planned for a week an a half. So that's probably about 4 years now since I've been on a field trip..and counting. :/ Then coming up is the psat's which happen to be required for the junior class(which I'm in currently). It happens to be on a day that everyone else has off. =D Woohoo, I get to wake up at the same early time as the rest of the school week. So basicly, I've been screwed in the ass 3 times today. 3 hour test, which kills field trip plans, and psat's on a day everyone has off coming up. Thanks school for fucking me over ever so suddenly. I'm pretty sure this isn't helping me prepare for my future. o.O Despite that, I had a good day. Went to the market with a friend, got a rockstar(which tastes like slightly flavored tin can) and walked home. The only otehr good news is I'm going on a short trip this weekend and I just got a psp. =D So things are pretty much coo, even if I did get screwed over. It's worth it for a psp. (got it before the screwing but yeah.) So yeah, interesting day. I hate when people steal my time, but I guess that's school for ya. Speaking of which, I now have a good pile of homework to do, and about an hour to do it in. How morbidly halarious...

Well, I hope you enjoyed that story. Hopefully my wasted time could be used for your enjoyment. And if you thought the story was a waste of your time, try taking a useless 3 hour test. :o I'll probably continue to tell stories of my more entertaining(or not) days at school this year. I'm sure 50 other people are doing the same, but um. Well I can't think of any good reason to read mine. >_> Read 'em if you like 'em. Leave feedback if you wish, questions, comments, insults, food. Whatever is fine, really. It helps me feel less like I'm talking to myself. Which reminds me of a certain fat kid named charley. I have a few good stories about that fat bastard. Perhaps that's for another time...

gamercat posted on September 01, 2005 at 8:05 PM

New computer case!

Oh man, yesterday i got a new computer case! It's so fricking awesome! I describe it <a href=>here</a>;
I'll take some pictures after I transfer all the stuff into it, and get it running.

gamercat posted on August 22, 2005 at 5:10 AM

Gm Clans

Some weird crap just happened at gm clans today. The head admin and some judges were put in the banned group. I changed them back, but I don't see why this happened. Gamedev was banned yesterday night, so i thought he may have done this somehow. However we all think he's to dang stupid to be able to hack a forum like that. I'll see what happens tommorow. I've contacted the head admin. I'd like to get some comments from people from gm clans. particularly quietus. Whom i could seem to get unbanned. It also said you had deleted some posts. I don't think you'd do this kind of thing, but I'd sure like some info on what the heck is going on. Thanks.