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Posted by jam on April 23, 2005, 11 p.m.

<b>A little treat for you guys today, kholdstare has written up the cast of characters and im gonna post it :D

PsK - Cast of Characters

Project 12 (Kragen) - As an orphan under mysterious circumstances, 12’s history is an enigma. His strange powers were evident from an early age, and he was soon put into the newly-formed US Phenomenon Examination Group for study. When a strange army suddenly appears on Earth, he is asked to use his powers to help the armies of the world fight off the invasion…

General Magnus Ford- As the commander of the US Phenomenon Examination Group (UPEG), Ford is in charge of 12. He will brief you on whatever mission you are asked to go on, and will supply advice during the mission.

Lydia Harcourt- Even though she just graduated from the US army’s military school, Lydia Harcourt is already widely known as a top-notch intelligence coordinator. She can look at seemingly worthless information and discover a huge amount of helpful information. She will ask you to gather information on the enemy for her on some missions as well as give advice.


Ordeal- He is an enemy commander with psychic powers. His powers, though, are not as powerful as those of 12 or the other commanders. Despite this, he has trained the powers he has and is now a master teleportist.

Mosque- Mosque is a powerful psychokinetic who is perhaps a little too overconfident in her abilities. She resents anyone who appears more powerful than herself and so does not get along well with Othos or Aiga.

Gormud- He is a strong psychic who has not only become quite good at mind abilities but has also strengthened his physical self as well. He takes especial pleasure in destruction, and is the leader of the air fleet of the enemy.

Othos- When Othos was born, his body was badly damaged and could not survive. His brain was placed into a human-shaped robot body to keep him alive. Despite this great handicap, Othos is an incredible psychokinetic who mostly attacks the minds of his opponents rather than their bodies. If his mindbreak fails, he is also an accomplished physical kinetic attacker as well.

Aiga- As the main Earth commander, Aiga is the second in command of the enemy force. Not only that, but she is also the second best psychic as well, making her a force to be reckoned with. She has been known to fell entire armies of resistance without touching a thing.

Dysmeceus- Dysmeceus is the strongest psychic who ever lived. No one knows where he comes from or how he got his power. As the over-leader of the enemy force, he commands all of the other commanders. He and the others have destroyed countless planets along their way. Dysmeceus is doing all of this because he is looking for an ultimate psychic ability, the power he calls Astronomos. If he ever finds it, life as we know it shall surely end.</b>


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Wow that really seems developed. Now to add a story that goes around these great characters =)

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