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Arcalyth posted on January 31, 2016 at 11:34 PM

The Dream

when I first got here, 64digits was

A) elitist as shit
B) fun
C) a bunch of young hackers finding community and solidarity for the first time
D) organic and evolving

we started on Game Maker. When I started GM, it was version 4.1 I believe. I had to be like 9 years old. I don't think I found 64d until GM 5, at like 13 years old.

I don't know what the pre-v2 days were like really. I joined right around when v2 was released. As far as I know, we evolved mostly out of the old Game Maker Community forums. There were a few other community sites that I barely remember the names of that we effectively competed with, but I think our fun spirit and blog platform is what really set us apart from the other Game Maker game publishers. Some people resented our elitism but we didn't care because we all had the same things in common. We were all young kids who loved to explore this new evolving Internet and its peripherals. We all had loads of creativity that was expressed and fostered by our own standards for quality. We had community figures that gave back to the community, which was constantly breathing new life into itself via fun hacks and some not-so-fun. Or, we'd all hang out in the latest JakeX game, or compare achievements in the latest LOLOMGWTFBBQ...

They were grand times indeed. And many of us have gone on to get higher education and careers in computer science and the like. I just think that's awesome.

I'm not sure what we are now.
I mean, that's fine. That's life. Life goes on. Things get old.
But the thing about this community, I think it's spirit is still relevant today.
We're a community that sees code as art, and code as community.
We have a community with a passion for creativity in many forms.
We're more than just a website, we are a virtual kingdom. (Remember 64RPG? Ha!)

I think we can build on what we have, and evolve it further.
Computer science/engineering meets art and music.
I suppose at the core, it's all about game development, and the assets related to game development. But we have a community that creates many different forms of media and having the ability to showcase those things is what made us awesome.

I think user profiles should be like customizable portfolios that can display our projects, blogs, game/site achievements, and other media.

The submissions process should be open to multiple forms of media that is well-organized and meets our historic standard of quality.

I'm awful at explaining my ideas but maybe one of these days I'll be able to show you. :)

I just really think we can still make something of this. Forgive my nostalgia. :)

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