Posted by jam on April 26, 2005, 11 p.m.

<b>Well i dont have anything to post seeing as the spriter checks his emails one every billion years! :P Ive been sitting here on my ass waiting for the sprites to come, yet nothing has so from now on i probly wont post as often as i have been until i get some sprites :(,

Have fun sitting there waiting for me to post ;),



firestormx 19 years ago

*goes into advertising mode*

Get your spriter to sign up here, then you can leave him commetns which he will hopefuly check more often than his e-mail.


Anyway, I sorta know what it's like to need graphics, but you're unable to make them yourself, and the person who's supposed to, is too lazy to do them! *glares at canadonian*


But yeah, that sucks that you've got the motivation to work on the game, but are unable to.

firestormx 19 years ago

lol, umm…Yay?

jam 19 years ago

Lol um yay??? Still no word, were thinking about trying to get a different spriter who actually replies to emails!

Arcalyth 17 years, 7 months ago


Blanket 16 years, 6 months ago