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lo_lord posted on December 25, 2009 at 1:50 AM

Angry as

Everyone come check out the new robosquid forums its been a fair hive of activity since its opened.


Here's some games im working on.

Stealth game i started the other day.
An Rts Game im working on, coming along really well.
http://www.64digits.com/download.php?name=Project_Whitefire_1.gif&id=47889 http://www.64digits.com/download.php?name=Project_Whitefire_2.gif&id=47890 http://www.64digits.com/download.php?name=Project_Whitefire_3.gif&id=47891
A 3d remake of an old tijitdamijit game that me and a bunch of people have been working on for a long time.
http://www.64digits.com/download.php?name=Fac_B_1.gif&id=47887 http://www.64digits.com/download.php?name=Fac_B_2.gif&id=47888
And a game me and tijit made, and ive been working on a bit lately. Very addictive to play.
http://www.64digits.com/download.php?name=Tapestry_1.gif&id=47892 http://www.64digits.com/download.php?name=Tapestry_2.gif&id=47893

lo_lord posted on September 17, 2008 at 10:57 AM

All Burnt Out

Every gamemaker gets burnt out eventually. For me its on and off every month or two, ussually. This time it seems like its been going on forever. Every single project i start i get bored of with in a few minutes. When i say a few mintues i actaully mean about 2 - 3. My time is spent a little like this:

1. Checking out the robosquid forum
2. Checking out 64digits
3. Checking out gamemaker community
4. Closing IE and simultaneously thinking up an idea for a game
5. Start making game, draw a sprite. Realise i dont like the sprite. End game making time...

Hmmm. Maybe the real problem is deeper then i think. Maybe it starts with my failing ability to draw sprites. As soon as i draw one i dont like, i stop making a game.

Changing topic:
As for games i actually have completed, there going good. I uploaded Explodo and Gravtech to 64 digits and so far they have both got good reviews, especially Gravtech which has currently got a rating of 9.5, so if your into platformers i suggest you check that out.

Has anyone played the Halflife 2 series lately, more specifically has anyone played them with the commentary on? I love playing and listening to the commentary Especially because alot of it is how they achieved certain effects and overcome certain boundarys. Its interesting to me because im abit of a graphics whore. Any game i make either has to have good or amazing grapics otherwise theres no chance im going to release it. The reason i brought up the commentary is to ask a question: If me/Tijitdamijit/other clan-anticivillian members recorded commentary for Facility B would you guys like to here it?

Anyway i dont ussually write blogs and since im all burnt out of gamemaking i thought i better do somthing productive. Thats why its especially long. Hope some of you enjoy reading it.

lo_lord posted on June 04, 2008 at 1:53 AM

Waiting for replys...

Every single time i release a game, i have to wait for what seems like forever to get replys. As i wait around i notice that all the games that already have 100 replys are geting more replys every hour or so. Are my games bad? It doesnt seem like it, because every time i do get replys there always outstanding like "9/10" or "Awesome game".

Furthermore i am infuriated by the fact that people seem to reply to topics more if theres something wrong with the game or something incorrect about the topic. For instance the game has heaps of bugs or the download link is broken, lets post 30 replys about it!

Ive considered making a huge mistake in my next games topic, at least that way i might get some replys.

If you would like to help me in the quest for replys then you can check out some of my game topics here:
Explodo Gravtech Feel free to reply!