ludamad posted on April 07, 2018 at 4:21 PM

[ludamad] Lanarts update

Unzip and play
I am stuck in a constant loop of work and not enough time to release this game properly but I may as well put the link into the void. This is years of work that doesn't see the light of day nearly enough.

"The game does not provide much instruction (the README is woefully outdated), but your begin near a dungeon you should immediately enter.

It is recommended you move with WASD, melee with H, fire spells with YUIOP, mouse controls for everything else. Mouse controls for spells are fairly suboptimal at the moment.

Additionally, 1 to 9 for inventory slots 1 through 9.
Right click is needed to drop items, however."

Controller support works for multiplayer.
Online works, but only well over LAN.

Code at

ludamad posted on May 13, 2015 at 6:00 AM

Help with PLatformed?

I hear the second one feels like a much more complete game, but I still want to get through the first so I'm not lost plotwise. I'm stuck on Cryos, the first of the three Argonian spies you meet in the cave. He's not much of a leader or an offensive person, but he traps your crew and attacks with puppets, though he only ever reacts to attacks. But he's friggin' broken I swear. I hear he's important in the plot in PLatformed 2 and a lot funner to fight there.

Here is my build on Spike (character level 5), I really could use input on the minimaxing:

Health: lvl 20
Speed: lvl 5
Int: lvl 30 (obviously)
Char: lvl 0 (also obviously)
Reflex: lvl 6
Cheriten bonuses all maxed
Smithery tied in with axes
Armour: Kenorb
Shield: Floating Wood (not the best, but allows 2 handed)
Weapon: Staff of Empty Promise, 2 handed

Thoughts guys? Is the Dephos fight any funner?

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thanks Guest