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n1ko posted on May 29, 2008 at 11:11 PM

Help me brainstorm

Ive logged more time into Stick Battle (name pending), and its gonna be released fully soon, probally next week after school lets out. But, i still need a decent title. The soldiers are no longer real stick figures, and 'stick battle' is just generic and dumb, so i need a new, better title. Please gimme some ideas.
Also, i am planning on creating a specific character for the player. Currently, the player plays as a clone of the friendly soldiers, just with a yellow armband, as opposed to a red one. I am thinking of making a character for the player to play as, so it will be easier to distinguish which soldier the user is controlling. So please feed me some ideas about what the character should look like, who he should be, etc. Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated!
Heres the link to the wip if you havent already played it:


n1ko posted on April 18, 2008 at 4:14 AM

spontanious activity

I'm really sorry that I'm not active at all here anymore, i really do miss it a lot, but i just havent the time nowadays. I'm not going to write a personal blog and go into my life details, but basically track everyday, school, boyscout crap, sat prep class, therapy, and soon to be attending driving school, are all really eating up my time. Luckily this week of April vacation i have had enough down time to continue working on GM games, so ive started updating my Stick Battle game. Thats what this blog is about.

Stick Battle Updates:

People were complaining about the graphics, which werent all that good i know, so i redid basically everything. Hopefully they are worthy enough. I'm not an expert pixel artist or w/e, but i think i did well and still preserved the game's simplicity.

vehicles:gone, byebye. they were too buggy and annoying, i really dont miss them at all.

classes: the different classes are about balanced now i beleive.

ai: the main ai is still the same, but i made the ai soldiers able to jump over obstacles and duck under low ledges.

i also added a respawn system.

new levels in the works too. check out the snowy one!

HELP: i really need suggestions for a title, because Stick Battle, quite frankly, sucks. I need a good title for the game, thanks.

(random note: i just noticed that n1ko, well niko, is the name of the protagonist in the new GTA game coming out. Kinda wierd coincidence i think)

n1ko posted on November 11, 2007 at 2:43 AM

Glorious return to 64d

Hey all. I really have not had any time for personal stuff since summer, between school and xc practice everyday. But xc is over now, so i have some extra free time until indoor track starts! YAY!
Anywho, as you may have (or may have not) noticed, I recently submitted my current project/wip/thingy, and the reviews are in: it's fun! If you havent already, check it out:

Please leave me a comment with a suggestion too (bsides better graphics, i
know that lol, im working on it).

Changes in version 1.1:

Removed stealth charcter (he was supposed to be like a splinter cell, but my draw methods prevented me from turning him invisible, i got frustrated, so yeah)
Removed the "grenade-only" guy
Redrawn all weapon sprites to increase grafic nicness
Turned SWAT character into a medic
CHanged some weapon noises
Made the machine guns less accurate
Made sniper have less reload time
Made shotgun less awesome
Made assualt rifles more powerful
Made explosions slightly less powerful
Implemented secondary equipment:
Assault rifle guys get frags (2)
Shotgun guys get mines (2)
Medics get a "health kit dispenser" (2)
Sniper gets an airstrike caller (funfun)
Support guy gets frags(2)
Demo guy gets mines(2)
Added a "battle progress" hud
Removed fps counter
Changed view slightly to remove excess uneeded sky
Dead bodies fly around :D
Added tanks, usable by both player and ai
Added humvees, same as above
I think thats it, but there probally is more that i forgot.

(I am accepting donations toward buying registered version lol)

BUGS: There is a small gameplay bug that i forgot to adress. Enemy vehicles can recapture flags. To reduce vehicle pwnage the vehicles are not supposed to be able to catpure flags. Itll be fixed in version 1.2, or w/e.

The reason grafix suck arent because I am a bad artist, (on the conrary, ive won a scholastic silver key lol), its for purely ergonomic. Without image_angle, etc, to help draw sprites it adds a lot of filesize drawing so many images, so i have to make cutbacks, ie using same sprite for every charcter, etc. The game IS supposed to be slightly cartoonish, though, and the characters are ment to be stick figures, to add a small amount of comic value. Once i get registered i will up the grafix ten fold, though. So no one, please, i BEG you, dont post anyplace about grafix concerns. Thanks.

Check in for more updates regularly.