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pieperson posted on September 19, 2008 at 2:20 AM

Activity in the GMC

Well, I think the GMC has become a lot more: "meh..." ish. Not much activity has been going on. Nothing really that much exciting and nothing fun or new. It's pretty much just really boring now, even though I keep going there. It's like we're all waiting for something to happen. Sitting in our nests like a bird. Doing nothing.

I liked it a lot better when we weren't being bombed by newbs. All of these pointless topics getting closed! It's annoying and something needs to happen!

So, what stumps me is what should we do? How are we going to take action?

Well, first of all. Is it really worth it to take action? Maybe I should just forget about it. But I still really wish it could be good again. It just SUCKS that the careless mods there let it get trashed by the newbs. Trust me, they aren't even thinking about taking action!

I suppose all of the good people have moved over here? Maybe that is why!

Please share your ideas.

pieperson posted on August 01, 2008 at 5:08 PM

Boats in Action Games

There aren't many cool action or FPS games with boats, but I think they would be a worthy addition. Boats would give so much more potential gameplay. I really think it's very sad that not many people are using them in their games. So if anybody reads this who's trying to make an FPS with GM, please use some boats!

Atleast BattleField has boats. Too bad it isn't really much of an action game. It is more like a strategic FPS. But, I think boats would fit perfectly in Halo 3, especially with it's multiplay maps. So please tell me what you think.

As said before, boats increase potential gameplay events.
They also make the "useless water decoration" on your beaches a nice piece of the map.
They could possibly even roll into the story of your game.

So thats why I think action games should use boats much more often.

Not enough? Just call them a fun treat for the player. He/she can run over people in the water... Or get stuck on the beach while being shot to death.

pieperson posted on July 31, 2008 at 3:51 AM

Space Triangle

Hio 64Digits. My first post here! I've gotta tell you how it's going with my recent project . I've been working on Space Triangle for a little while and its come up to a pretty cool engine. I just started the menu today, and I've finished flaring stars and a few background elements. I'm getting closer to the actual game now, so I'm thinking a bit more about game play apsects to ensure it's enjoyability. I don't have a complete concept for the story though, not yet. Basicly, your just some guy in a triangular space ship trying to save the universe eh.

One aspect I want to apply is the feeling of a being in a real time spacescape. Glowing clouds of space dust, twinkling stars, and strange planets floating around. Another thing I want is really cool looking weapons, so I've used a decent amount of particles. I just hope I don't go overboard with them.

Here's a screen shot: