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shadowstrike32 posted on November 10, 2007 at 4:22 AM

I need some beta testing...

Ok, yeah, i haven't been here in forever. kinda lost all interest in game making... after 5-7 hours of homework a night set in. Damn you AP BC Calculus!!

So yeah, as stated i really havent done much with game making. Game maker kind of got old after i wasnt able to use it anymore- a year of programming in JAVA and C will do that to you. i cant live without references! So the main project i have been working on now is hardware and PIC programming... i recently got myself a programmable camera that i hope to implement multi-object tracking into. awesome, i know.

In my spare time, I mainly have gotten into programming AJAXian websites and webapps, one of them i would appreciate some beta testing on. What this is, is a simple image gallery coded entirely in javascript and php. Well, when you look at it it might seem complex, but it really isnt (only about 2000 lines of code... nothing major). Anyway, see if you can find bugs/exploits/injection thingies in it. The images on it are from my Robotics team, if you are wondering.

Check it out:
If this gets good enough i may actually release a portable version.

shadowstrike32 posted on June 09, 2007 at 2:51 AM


Well, its that time of year again i suppose. Finals. woo. and i have so much crap to do that it really isn't even funny.
Here is a short list:
-Comp sci project (a complete database engine)
-History project
-Chem final
-about 3 months of Spanish makeup work
-studying for about 16 tests in the last 3 days before exams
-studying for exams

so yeah, this really isn't fun at all, nor is this comp sci project. Have you ever tried parsing a string into an equation tree? it isn't fun at all...

alright so in other news i guess i have a lot to catch up on, considering my sparse blogging:

1) i just written possibly one of the most advanced and most efficient equation parsers that i have ever written- it supports assignment, boolean, integer, and string operations, as well as full variable support. It is used for querying a database with a string, and is much better than the data bin project that i released about 8 months ago. i think i should translate it into c++ and make a package...

2) following this whole string of relationship blogs that i have noticed... yes ill admit it i am in a relationship. and a pretty serious one at that. I wont go into the intricate details, but i found that the girl i liked also liked me a LOT before we started dating. There was initially, though, one of her stalkers that kept asking her out on dates, even though it was quite obvious that she wasn't... available. to put a long story short, we essentially put forth a team effort to break this kids heart so he would leave us be. oh, those were a fun two weeks.

3) its official- i haven't played a game of any sort in over 6 months. Jesus.

4) have you ever had people talk major trash about you behind your back? apparently getting a girlfriend has started a wave of something in the male community at my school... I'm infamous for some reason. its quite funny; feeble minded people must rely on demoralizing other people in order to turn attention away from their own faults. Oh- i love society.

I guess thats it for now. if you are reading this, good job for surviving my stress and negativity put to words.

shadowstrike32 posted on April 19, 2007 at 4:08 AM

Is anyone else here bored out of their mind?

Ungh... this is turning out to be such a dull vacation. I just got back from this awesome trip to Atlanta, Georgia, where our robotics team competed for the championship, and left as division finalists. It was pretty awesome, soo much better than last year. However, when i got home (Monday) i found out that i had nothing left to do for the rest of the vacation. My interests have escaped me- i have beaten every video game that i own, my creativity is as dry as the well in my back yard, my girlfriend is off searching for colleges, and i just cant find anything satisfying to do.


holy shit i just realized that i haven't posted here in like forever... what is this my first blog in 4 months? jesus... i wonder what caused that...

anyways, my creativity supplies have run dry, leaving my gamemakering at an all time low. The program is no longer very interesting; everything is too easy. I have tried doing the stuff in C++, but i keep running into these compiler errors that i don't want to fix. It cant find the DX9 files, though i am explicitly including them! stupid MSVC++... why cant it just work?!

so this leaves me bored out of my mind... i have nothing to do... and nothing that i want to do... and to make everything worse my girlfriend is out of town, and i will be too in about 8 hours... blech college searching....

someone send me some solid caffeine so i can at least wake up