I lead a boring life, of complicated situations.

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svf posted on May 22, 2014 at 7:02 PM

Summer, yo!

Start off by bragging about my wasteful luxuries, bought a PS4 - Add me plz (I am lonely and need friends (PSN: EscapeSequence))
It's beeeeeeattufial - and it feels cheap as hell.

Excited for summer (school is over, hell yeah!).

Been aiming for a productive summer, but I can never set my mind to focus on tasks that I really want to get done (which is why, I'll probably try and get a prescription for adderall and help my bad habits).

Anything fun? Glad you asked...
Going to some waterparks, Chicago, working a lot (dead end job, woo), and hopefully starting/finishing projects.

Goals for the summer: -Make a game
-Work on my site more.
-Work on my car / get better at car stuffs.

Off topic, but trying to clean my house - and getting rid of things I don't use:

Anyone interested in a Wacom Bamboo Tablet? (I've used mine like a dozen times in the past year, and I am not an artist....)

If so PM me, or leave a comment, idgaf which.

svf posted on April 30, 2014 at 4:02 PM

Positive? Indeed.

Keeping with one of my old formats, I'm going to post a song I think is appropriate (that I made of course)

No content
and here's a picture of my beautiful daughter (growing up so fast, I hate sounding like a stereotypical dad of some sort)
Daughter is now 3 years old, do I feel old or what?

What's new with life? Almost done with my first year of college, and onto summer soon. Man, I really need to improve my studying skills, as I cannot focus on anything almost ever. Oh also, my meals consist of ramen, PBJ sammiches, peace tea, and cheap energy drinks.

So started the compo, but never finished - I would've guessed anyway (freakin' school, and all other life complications) - I will try to finish it though, I feel obligated with all the early work I put into it.

Anyway so lets talk 'bout summar, got tons of plans for summer (going to a waterpark, camping, work, personal projects (do I hear weekend all-nighters?!), etc)
Interested in what other people have planned for the summer... (post eht, heeeeeree)

And yeah uhm, I should get these projects for class done now.

svf posted on October 31, 2013 at 6:34 PM

Tough Choices...

So I'm almost done with my first semester of school, and I have come across a tough choice with my program. (On top of the name change they did with the program)

I originally joined the program (called IT-Programmer/Analyst) and my college recently renamed it to "IT-Mobile-Application Development" (and a few minor class changes).

So... I'm not sure that's the program I want to be affiliated with now.

My choices (please I would love feedback, as I am stressing out now and am making a serious choice in my life):

1. Stay in the program - Pick between Android (Java and Advanced Java) and iOS (C and Obj-C) (learn to develop for them and make a career out of that)

2. Switch to the Web-Developer Program - I'll have to choose between 3 emphasis':
- .NET Framework (C#, C# advanced, .NET)
- Java Based structure
- PHP Based structure

Class sign-up is soon, so ughhhhh.
I just would like to hear what people think about .NET (C#), Android (Java), or iOS (C/Obj-C) (what would will be popular for the years to come and make a career out of)

There are no "general programming" programs anymore, it's either WEB or Mobile Application Development. I could take individual classes, but that's just pure stupid.
Edit/Side Note: I am familiar with almost everything (Java, C, C#, and PHP) I don't mind doin' any of it. I just want to know what you guys think is evolving and a more popular program/side program.

Thanks again guys.