I work at Taco Bell. I like writing--I suppose you can call me a novelist xD. I\'m also into drawing and digital painting. >w<

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thepharaoh posted on March 25, 2008 at 3:47 AM


Hey 64digits! I've been pretty busy with work and all and haven't been on at all much. But I've progressed some with my Matiz Game and the novel also. I just finsihed the anime Trinity Blood and its probably my second favorite anime with Death Note being the first, of course. :)

I finished the part of the sewers the user is allowed to enter, but it is a secret on how to get in there, you'll have to find out for yourself once I stop being lazy and actually come to a point where it can be a playable demo:

I plan on working on the lights so more. I also haven't completely changed all of the character's sprites to the new hair style, too lazy...

That's about all I have for game updates.

Now here are several more chapters of the novel:


thepharaoh posted on February 22, 2008 at 4:46 AM

Game Update


I have done some changes to my Matiz video game. I was recommended to change the hair and make it "less anime". I think the new hair is alright - better than before. I also added the first demon for the game. It reminds me of a chiropteran from Blood+ - I plan on making several more types of demons.

But here are two new screenshots:

The screenshots were taken at the very start of the game, the buildings and city set up get better as you progress more in the city. But currently the demons are an experiment for later in the game becuase in the story Josue doesn't get his sword powers and the ability to see demons later in the game. You are just a very stealthy assassin. There are four missions that have no to little "matiz" powers. The fifth level will introduce and then will have three or four levels with the powers. I plan on making a sequel or two. The game is based off a novel I am writing:

I'll post the first chapter tonight:

That one night was dark and shall never be forgotten. I should’ve been the one, not them. Part I: The Prologue – This Rotten World Chapter 1: Location He leaped as he avoided another bullet of the attacking foe. He realized that the opponent needed to reload his weapon and so he took the opportunity and shot him right in the heart. The shot man fell dead into a pool of his own blood at the feet of Josué Light, X-9 of the Phoenix X-Assassin Force. A secret CIA disk had fallen into the hands of a gang whose territory was found in Ruber City, Washington. The disk was held by the gang’s leader, Pedro Alfendéz, and Josué Light has been sent to eliminate the gang leader and bring the disk back to headquarters.

After hearing the fall of a fellow comrade, three gangsters showed up with their loaded MK-47s and began shooting Josué. Josué leaped up avoided the bullets and twisted upside down in mid-air and shot three bullets with each one of them hitting their target. One of the shot men was barely alive and Josué pulled him up by the collar, choking him, “Tell me, where is the location of your leader?”

“Uhh…never…I’ll never reveal the loca.a.a.a.tion” The dying man was in pain from the bullet. His blood was spreading all around his body thus staining the pavement.

“Then burn,” Josué re-shot the man. “The gangs leader’s hideout must be well hidden, even the Phoenix Council couldn’t find it, damn.” He walked down the wet and dark alley heading towards the street and heard police sirens. “Damn, the authorities. They are such idiots.” Josué continued and the sounds of the sirens sounded closer and closer and drove passed the alley as he watched them in pursuit. “Justice, what is justice anymore? People get arrested and have a trial ran by a judge who is a gangster himself and then let off free. Citizens all around the world are in fear to revolt due to getting killed. The government doesn’t do anything to solve the matter because they are all gangsters too.” He put his head up as he heard a noise approaching.

Josué noticed a group of gangsters heading towards him, “More of them, huh?” He reloaded his gun and prepared to shoot. There was a garbage can right at his feet and a tennis racket with a broken bottom handle stuck out of the top. He was wondering why the gangsters weren’t shooting because they were in clear view of him. A second later he noticed thrown objects with sparks appearing from them heading right towards him. The tennis racket was pulled out and he waited for the right moment to block away the grenades. He hit the grenades away from him as if they were tennis balls right before they exploded. The blasts pushed Josué back and onto the pavement and severely injured the opposing gangsters. Josué got back on his feet right away and walked over to the dying gangsters.

“Now, tell me the location of Pedro Alfendéz,” ordered Josué. The gangsters said nothing as they were suffering from the intense burns from the blasts. Josué pulled up the collar of one of them and asked again, “Tell me the location of Pedro Alfendéz.” The choker gasped.

“I---‘ll t-t-tak, j-j-u-u-u-s-st l-et go.” Josué left go of the gangster who moaned tremendously when he hit the ground. “He is at the base below the Emeralds Hotel. Just go onto the roof and there will be a door that opens to a ladder which leads down to the b-ba…se…..” said the gangster as he closed his eyes to an infinite sleep.

Josué left the helpless gangsters and went to locate the Emeralds Hotel. As he walked away, the moaning became quieter and quieter and eventually it was completely silent. Look at me; I’m not any better than them, thought Josué.

Hope you guys like it so far. As of right now I have the first seven or eight chapters done and I'll post a new one every few days or so.

Yeah, last week Tuesday I went to Best Buy and bought myself a new laptop. It's a Dell Inspiron 1420 with Vista Home Premium, 200 GB Hardrive and 2 GM memory. It's a pretty good computer, compared to my old desktop. It's been pretty much good to me but it has its "moments" once and a while because Windows is NOT perfect... oh well... it is good at recovering stuff though. It was a good buy I think.

Well, adios.


thepharaoh posted on February 11, 2008 at 6:08 AM

Blogging Again

Hello, all! I haven't blogged for a while and have delelted all my older blogs because they talk about projects that I've dropped or have changed dramatically. I've finally come up with a project that I'm going to stick with.

Matiz - Video Game
Its a rather deep-storied game that should be a novel instead of a video game. The gameplay is basically playing as a 21 (at the start(, and then 23 later on) year-old who can either shoot with several guns, use his blade, etc in a platform style format. You battle demons (I'm trying to come up with a different name for them) and enemy opponents. Your power is basically "evil" power that is controlled by a "good" will.

I have a few screenshots I'll share this time:

I'm kind of into the dark-gothic style - so the game is rather dark. There will be some parts of the game that take place during the daylight but it is mostly going to be at night. The character's hair is going to change when I feel like working on it.

I've made an artwork that I'll share this time:

The character's name is Josue Light. He has a pentagram scar on his shoulder, a phoenix tatoo under his left wrist with a cross scar embedded in the phoenix (it marks his power). He also has a permanet blade scar across his upper chest and a knick under his left eye - they are permanent due to the curse of contracting his evil powers.

Other Stuff
I'm happy that the anime, Death Note, is dubbed (it has been out since last October, and have enjoyed the voices - even though Light's japanese voice is better, especially with the laughing. For example:

(WARNING: Kind of an ending to the series-spoiler) - For non-Death Note fans - hear a crazy evil Japanese laugh.
I ordered the DN V.13: How to Read and Death Note: Another note off Barnes and Noble Online and should get it by UPS sometime this week.

Just hanging through the cold temps up here.... soon it will be warm again!