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Oh shit i forgot a title

by twisterghost

Posted on June 20, 2019 at 2:32 PM

The roses in my yard are coming back. A few times each season besides winter, they flower like nothing else, then die a week later, then come back another week later. As far as I can tell, that's just them doing their thing.

Hope everyone is well!

I work for Stripe now which is cool. I started a couple of months back. They're based in SF (kinda - lots of offices globally) but I'm working from home remotely full time from the DC area. Lots of people I knew told me I'd really hate working from home given how social I am, but I don't think they realized just how introverted I actually am. Takes a lot of energy to put on the "social coworker" show every day at an office. Now, I work in my comfortable home office, which is one room away from my bedroom, so if I need a break, I can just flop on my bed, or get something from my kitchen downstairs.

Oh, also having my own bathroom fucking rules. 100% fuck waiting for a stall when nature is calling after coffee.

If anyone is in the market for a change and is interested in Stripe, DM me somehow. Probably not here. Can you still DM here? I dunno. But stripe's hiring a lot so I can refer you. Engineers, UI designers, recruiters, analytics and whatnot I believe are all being hired.

Let's see - what else is up

I'm still working on Evenfall (, albeit not all that often right now. I'm trying to figure out a development schedule and have taken a bit of a game dev hiatus recently. I want to get back at it. Might do that this week - my wife is going to a conference for work so I'll need to fill my time.

One cool thing about Evenfall - I got a voice actor to work with to voice the main character. She's just doing some quips, reaction sounds, and a few short lines. I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep it, but its an experiment to see how it all feels in context. I've also totally reworked the story, which doesn't mean much besides I dropped scope by like 1000x because there's just no way I'd finish the game by myself with the original intention. It's all good though, I think it should still be fun, if I ever finish it. I'm at the content generation phase, just building out levels and people and the town and, well, the game. Art is still my bottleneck. I have a hard time wanting to build out new stuff because it means new art which means I'm not doing the stuff I like doing for several days. Just gotta suck it up, and get good at that eventually, or break down and hire an artist. If I'm being honest with myself it'll probably end up being the latter if I ever want to ship something worth buying.

Just kinda going along. Currently playing: Animal Crossing New Leaf. I got a hard hankering for some Animal Crossing, especially when Nintendo announced the new one was delayed. I found a really sweet independent game store that buys back anything back to the original NES, and happened to get a bunch of old games of mine from my dad. Traded a lot of the stuff in, got a 2ds xl and some games. What a nice console.

That's all I've got. Go outside and grill something if its not too hot. Drink some water, too.