ussyless posted on January 11, 2014 at 5:20 PM

Return after 6 years

Greetings, so after 6 years of being banned (not sure what for exactly, i was inactive when it happened, whatevs), i just decided to come back and beg for another chance, good news is, i'm now unbanned, and bankrupt due to all the related processing fees

In the intermediate, i haven't used gamemaker that much, i've been playing with other languages such as lua, c++, actionscript, java, aswell as expression2/cpu in garrysmod
anyway, i haven't taken gamemaker seriously in a while, but recently, I've just been using it to test out ideas, or to help understand technical methods of doing things

I plan to mainly post examples (perhaps leading up to a game), mainly aimed at mathematical stuff, aswell as hardy networking systems (using 39dll)

Just looking at my old contributions is pretty embarrassing, most of them would have been posted when i was between 14-16 years old ( i'm 21 now ), i think i might leave them there for historical purposes

anyway, i'll be starting my return with a SAT collisions "Exploration" example- i've been playing with this for a while, successfully, just doing it again, but with more features

anyway, i'm back, thanks for reading