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workman161 posted on July 05, 2006 at 3:59 AM


<p>Ok now that it finally got accepted, here is the nice post, with a few updates.</p>
<p>Pile is a uniqueish (aren't they all..) Platform Puzzle game with a bit of Action in it. Some time in the future, sentient robotic tanks are being produced. These aren't your ordinary tanks (Speaking from modern point of view). They have a anti-gravity booster and a special fuel cell that recharges in contact with light. But the tank the game is concerned about goes a bit further. It has an experimental AI called Pile. The AI was designed very well. Too well. So well in fact, that it became sentient. The scientists tried all they could to contain it, but the tank escaped the lab room. They want it back. You (the tank) don't want to go back. You have your own hopes too, you know.</p>
<h2>WIP Status</h2>
<p><strong>Warning:</strong> This game is still a WIP. Bugs are present by the thousands. Please report them to <a href=''></a>;, along with any suggestions for the game.</p>
<li><strong>wasd</strong> movement (double jumping enabled)</li>
<li><strong>shift</strong> engages a higher gear</li>
<li><strong>o</strong> activates the anti-gravity booster.</li>
<h2>Anti-Gravity booster</h2>
<p>This is more than just plain old 'floating up'. This baby has the power to piledrive the tank through walls. It pushes the tank in the direction it is currently moving at incredible speed. It will take a bit of practice to get the hang of 'flying' around with it. With that said, I had a lot of fun designing this aspect and jumping back and forth between ledges.</p>
<h2>WIP Level design</h2>
<p>The level you play in is nothing more than a fancy demo of all the features currently implemented. There is no objective. Its a free for all.</p>
<p>These are items that I am working on, or plan on implementing in the game. All reports already on this list will be forwarded to /dev/null.</p>
<li>When you fall outside the level, you don't 'die'</li>
<li>Moving platforms have a lot of bugs</li>
<li>Tank sprite is far from finished</li>
<li>Moving platform sprite is ugly as sin</li>
<h3>Future Features</h3>
<li>Multiple 'worlds'</li>
<h2>Bug Reporting</h2>
<p>If (when) you have found a bug in my game, please report it to <a href=''></a>;. All runtime errors from within GM are automagically reported to</p>

workman161 posted on June 28, 2006 at 1:32 AM

Abusive Mods

<p>I was in the 64d IRC and quietus posted <a href=''><u>this link</u></a>. Coming from fark, I know a troll when I see one. Naturally I reported it. Heh, turns out that was a big mistake. I just came on here to see the status of the thread, and at the top of my page I get "Do not abuse the report system. +1 warn." Can someone please explain how reporting a troll is abuse? I'm assuming it came from Twisterghost due to the PM in my inbox that quoted the report. And to think I came to this place in search of community.... I may just end up exercising my right to vanish. I'll be taking pointything from the IRC chat too mostly because of Hootie_Hoo and gamerman abusing him, and I'm not too impressed with the maturity overall in there. Or even here, at 64digits for that matter. Way to go mod(s).</p>

workman161 posted on June 25, 2006 at 6:04 PM

My newwww WIP

<p>Its in the queue. <a href=''><u>Its also at my site for download</u></a> Comments and bug reports graciously welcome. Flames (and bug reports on the 'official' WIP download page here at 64d) will be forwarded to /dev/null. I present to you the heavily abridged description of <strong>pile</strong>. I made this really long one for the WIP upload but didn't copy it so meh. Remember, this is just a WIP so take it all with a grain of salt (Except the sprites. I can't sprite worth crap. Take those at face value.)</p>
<p>A robotic tank was given AI. This AI (you) didn't want to be a lab subject anymore so you (the tank+ai) escaped. You have an anti-gravity booster which, when activated, drives you forward at tremendous speed. So fast that you can break down walls and smash enemies.</p>
<li><strong>wasd</strong> movement (Double jumping too!)</li>
<li><strong>shift</strong> makes you move faster</li>
<li><strong>o</strong> activates the anti-grav booster</li>
<h2>Known bugs</h2>