Posted by Arcalyth on May 9, 2012, 7:55 p.m.

So I've been playing Freespace 2 SCP again, since I finally got my joystick working properly on Linux. I beat the FS2 campaign last time I played, so now I'm playing through the SCP's souped-up Freespace 1 port to the new engine.

Freespace 2 is arguably one of the greatest space combat games out there, and since Interplay released the source code into the public domain, the community over at Hard-Light has been pouring their sweat, blood, and tears to turn this decade-old game into a modern gem. They've done a damn good job.

Here's a video of my shitty FS2 piloting skills!

I'm looking for people to play through a campaign with, so if you're interested go grab yourself a copy!

Also, I'm looking for people to play Descent 3 (6-degrees-of-freedom shooter made by the same company) campaign or deathmatch with. Any takers?


Darthvender 12 years ago

I need to play this. Why haven't I played this? I've only ever gone so far as to play X-Wing VS TIE Fighter, and even that was amazing. This looks insane.

Quietus 12 years ago

hah i've played this before, maybe i'll join sometime.

JuurianChi 12 years ago

Bought the game when you asked about it in IRC.

Still haven't installed. :P

Cesque 12 years ago

Why are you playing this game and not some…


Oh, I see.

Anyway, I never liked space shooters apart from Descent and Fury 3. And I didn't even play them too much either.

Astryl 12 years ago

Man, I had forgotten about this completely…

I'll get it again ASAP.

Arcalyth 12 years ago

Quote: Cesque
Why are you playing this game and not some…

Juurian, Mega: Hurry up. :P

Darthvender: Freespace 2 SCP is open source but you have to get the retail files. You can buy the game on for like $5. Well worth it imo :)

Cesque 12 years ago

The "Linux" quote was a part of the comment. I meant to point out not many games work on Linux and so you must desperate to play this one. Ha. Ha.

Arcalyth 12 years ago

Don't care, I love my linux <3

I'm playing in a dead genre, too! Isn't it wonderful?

Astryl 12 years ago

I meant to point out not many games work on Linux
I spy an error…

I meant to point out not many no GM games work on Linux
Honestly, Cesque, I've gotten so many games working in Linux that it's no longer a valid point to make.

I'll have to wait a bit before I can get FS2. I'm kinda cashless at the moment. :3

Arcalyth 12 years ago

There's no DRM on it, just saying… -cough-