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DarkSoulcalibur posted on January 06, 2007 at 11:47 PM

The Anger Managment Man...

A story of a man who has wat we say... "A.D.H.D" (you get very angery... very easily)

...and this is his story of how he found an anger managment program to calm himself down wen he got pissed off...

ok here it is...

one day wen i drove to mcdonald's, i came up to the drive through window. I specificly told the guy i wanted onions rings and a mediom coke. when i got the food, it was a f'n big mac and a small diet coke! I asked the guy why he gave me the wrong order, he just ignored me... .so i looked on his chest were his I.D card was and looked at the Mcdonald's Phone number and his first and last name (which was John Elvrag)... Later that night, i called the Mcdonalds Number and asked for Mark Elvrag, when he said "hello" I asked "is this Mark?" He said "yes this is... why?" then i just said this... "your a f'n **hole!" then i just hung up... it really amused me... the next day, wen i was on my way to work, this guy driving a black pick-up drove into the parking spot which i was waiting for for quet a while... wen he got out of his car, i lowered my window and yelled "you **hole!!!" then i parked sumwhere else... after work i walked over to his car... I scratched "**hole" into the door of his car with my keys, then i looked up, there was a "for sale" sign in the window" i wrote down the phone number on it and went home" the next morning i called his number... I ask "is this the guy with a black pick up for sale?" he said "yeah, you can come over and look at it this evening, my address is 301 albany ave." then i just helled "**hole" and hung up. right after that i called the first **hole who worked at mcdonalds. He said "stop calling me! where do u live???!!!" i told him i lived at "301 albany ave, and i have a black pick-up parked infront..." he then said "well, im coming over there and im going to kick ur f'n ***!!!" I hung up... then luaghed as i called the second **hole who stole myparking spot... I said "hey **hole! im coming over to ur house and im goingg to kick ur ***!" then i hung up... then i called the police and told them "911! there's a guy coming to sum1's house and there going to get in a big fight! then they said "we'll get over there as soon as possible!..." i hung up, then luaghed very hard... after a few minutes i drove over to 301 albany ave. and i sat back and watched the 2 **holes fighting and the police yelling at them to stop... that was 1 of the best week of my lives, and wenever i got agnery, i had 2 **holes to call and hell at... that is my story.

lol, i kinda liked that story so i post it here :)

DarkSoulcalibur posted on January 06, 2007 at 12:40 AM

Death List 2...

forget about (the week's death list) im just going to make a new death list wenever i get bored... and if for sum reason u wanna die... plz tell me so i can add ur name to the death list... lol, this time i will predict the age these ppl will die at... instead of the date...

Shadow Yoshi death age... 97years

My own death age (DarkSoulcalibur)... 76years

Dfortun81 death age... 72years

JID death age... 9,174years (very f'n old...)

_Player_ death age... 68years (in polor bear years...)

theman death age... 81years


Kaz death age... 829years...

Hopefully you'l "ENJOY" this death list...
if not... then... uh... go... so sumthin! fag blog! i cant think of anything to threaten ppl with if they complain about this... :'(, well, i'l think of sumthin sooner or later... lol :)

DarkSoulcalibur posted on January 02, 2007 at 6:21 AM

The Death List......

This week's Death List is....

REZ death... 1/10/07

JakeX death... 4/3/07

ChIkEn death... 6/11/98

Marb death... 7/7/07

Melee_master death... 9/12/08

ludamad death... 2/2/09

twister ghost death... 12/12/99

DesertFox death... unkown
(as fox's live from low time periods... to very long time periods...)

I am deeply sorry to say when these people will die... I am yet only getting you people prepaired... for your fates... :'(