Oh look at that ha ha ha ( Star Destroyer )

Posted by Darthvender on May 9, 2012, 2:14 a.m.

Well well well, 22 days short of 2 years of working on my Star Destroyer and it's done.

That's right.

You heard me right.


So I've pumped out a few renders:

So now what? I do what I've been wanting to do since I started: Add it to the Google 3D Warehouse, where I've been posting my models since I started, getting (mostly) 5 stars.

I've been waiting for this day for nearly 2 years.

Quote: Google SketchUp
The file sdii.skp7 is too large. It must be less than 10mb.

So yeah, I guess nearly 5 times that is a bit too much, huh?

I guess I'll just upload the file, link it to here, link it to the guy who got me all set with this stuff, and then be on my way.

It's like 50 megs. Hope you have SketchUp.



Charlie Carlo 10 years ago

That is so badaxe.

Two years pales in comparison to how long it probably takes the Empire to build one of these.

I always wondered where the tuck they got all the minerals from to craft something of this size.

Cesque 10 years ago


Looks best in the last picture. I have to admit the greyish texture covers up the complexity of the model itself (but that's not necessarily bad, it looks more realistic this way).

flashback 10 years ago

Two years pales in comparison to how long it probably takes the Empire to build one of these.
Canonically under 6 months, IIRC. Depends on shipyard.

Mega 10 years ago

You sir, get a +1. I was not expecting this to be finished so soon (relatively speaking).

JuurianChi 10 years ago

Now what?

3d ponies? :E

Eva unit-01 10 years ago

Bro, you need to make a clay (ambient occlusion) render of this, so you can show off all the little nooks and crannies. These renders don't do this thing justice, it looks fuggin beautiful.

If you're adding it to the 3D Warehouse, maybe I could render it for you.

JuurianChi 10 years ago

Well, he can't sell it…Can he?

Hmm. Maybe he can. :P

Eva unit-01 10 years ago

I think he could legally sell it as a one-time commission, couldn't he? People get paid for fan-art all the time, this is no big difference.

Darthvender 10 years ago

Eva, I would upload it if I could. Like I said though, the 3D Warehouse only accepts 10 megs and under. I might be contacting them to see if there's any way to give me an exception on this one. Also I'll work on putting some clays up a little later.

Mega, I really only got it done because I stopped doing homework for a week, so yeah.

Cyrus, I don't really know about the whole money thing… as much as that'd be amazing I'd hate to have the possibility of being consumed by George's beard present in even a small amount.

Eva unit-01 10 years ago

Oh if you can do it yourself, awesome. I'd love to see all the details popped out of it, cause I downloaded the model, and that stuff is just brutal. Clearly close to two years worth of work put into it.

I only have the trial of Sketchup8, couldn't load it up in 7, so I couldn't do anything more than look at it, lol.