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Posted by Ferret on March 11, 2012, 6:27 a.m.

The other day I stood in front of my speech class to deliver a 3-4 minute oral presentation about a culture that I feel apart of. He made sure it was a vague definition of culture, which made me happy because I find white people to be boring and my family to be rather dull. So instead of those things I talked to my class about 64Digits, my group of friends that I did not recognise by the features of their faces, but instead their fake names and avatars. At first I didn’t want to do it, I much rather leave 64Digits in a shroud of darkness where it’s safe from public eyes, but I realized that I’m probably not as proud to be apart of anything the same way I am for being a 64Digitier. A bulk of the speech consist of explaining the concept of 64Digits though, because for most of the people in the class the idea of talking together on a forum-esque site sounds extremely foreign. I was thinking of posting my speech on here, but when I speak in front of a class my mind shuts down and I can never remember a thing I say or how I say it; and my physical copy of the speech is mostly notes and was left to live improvisation.


The other day I noticed that my Google Chrome moved 64Digits to second in my most visited sites, trailing behind Kotaku. I need to fix that, but without pinning, because pinning is for cheaters and liars. School has probably been the main reason, but also because I always carry a paranoia where ever I go that everyone hates me, probably why I never post on Facebook.

I haven’t touched my game since my last real blog. Stupid school, I should get more time in a few weeks though thanks to my speech class being an 8 week course.

I miss you guys. Which is stupid, because I’ve only been missing because of my own intuition.

Lol it's only been a couple of days

I wish to commit social suicide. Just pick up my stuff, and leave all connections behind. Be a new person, someone who isn’t afraid of what people will think of my actions. Dress the way I want to dress, not the way that will make people talk about me less. Make my hair the way I want my hair to be, not something normal. Live away from disapproving parents that constrict me. I’ve dreamt of driving my car in some random direction, stopping when I felt comfortable, and let my old self die. I have too many connections though, too many I want to keep, so I don’t think I can commit something like that. Not yet. Any day now I should hear back from colleges I want to transfer to. I purposely made sure none of the colleges would be close enough to continue living with my mom, even living with my dad would give me more social freedom. God willing I’ll get into at least one of those colleges and then maybe I’ll break loose.

My friends and I have been playing Dota 2 Beta a whole bunch lately. I’m honestly never playing League of Legends again. In LoL, there is basically only one set build that works best on a champ, one best routine, and it’s basically left to skill and team composition. In Dota, there is so much more creativity with items, and ways to play, and no hero/champion feels weak. Though the system requires more multitasking (something that makes me hate RTS games with passion) it’s not terribly hard to get used to, and makes the game more interesting. UI is probably a thousand times better than whatever League is using as well. Though people are a bit nicer and there is a much better system for encouraging friendliness in Dota, I’ve encountered obnoxious assholes several times; so escaping the League community isn’t entirely possible. Maybe it’s these games with such passionate assholes that make me think everyone hates me.


Toast 12 years, 4 months ago

I don't go to 4chan, I'm just incredibly easily amused

EDIT Just realised what you're talking about. It was a Fight Club reference, not a 4chan reference (of a Fight Club reference). I'm such a clever boy I thought of it all on my own.

…Consider that perhaps you are the one living in 4chan culture, if it reminds you of 4chan before it reminds you of a classic movie.

firestormx 12 years, 4 months ago

It's more the context. You have posted something about "rule one and two", which happen to already correspond to "rule one and two of the internet".