V3 preview!!

Posted by FireflyX on Jan. 5, 2008, 10:18 a.m.

Oh look what do we have here.. a 64digits V3 preview http://www.staticfire.co.uk/firefly/haha.htm


FireflyX 14 years ago

If you clicked that then LOL!

Jaxx 14 years ago

Oh, goody, I read the comment before the link.. ^_^

FireflyX 14 years ago

Did you click it though?

frenchcon1 14 years ago

I hope that the error page was because you think V3 doesn't exist, rather than just a broken website :D

FireflyX 14 years ago

oops i posted the wrong link XD There changed

Jaxx 14 years ago

"Stop Executing Scripts on this page?" Yes, there, =D

PY 14 years ago

ooh, meanie.

FireflyX 14 years ago

Skulldust I had to delete your comment for posting a top secret code but you will get a flame award on my site once it's up =D

RetroX 14 years ago

Ooh! Shiny! I wanna flame award! [XD]

FireflyX 14 years ago

Who the hell are you?