I like Metal Music, and Dance/Electronic. And soundtracks of fantasymovies .. Hip-Hop and Rap R\'n\'B etc. is fully crap, i think, but its just my opinion. I have 10 months experience to GM6 and i make music with ~2y experience.

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Furry posted on May 29, 2009 at 6:42 PM

About my nick

Some of you may think that i am a fan of manga or furry-things. Well, i actually hate everything manga/anime etc. things. My nick means "hairy". And why then so stupid nick? Well, it was "very funny" inside joke when i was about 10y old. I started using "furry"-nick [i used dictionary for "hair" [not in the head, i mean for example hair in "downstairs", u know] since.

So please don't mark me as mangafreak. I have always looked downwards to them. :) Why can't be normal and read Donald Duck or something?

Thanks for "the Big Boss"-adminstrator who fixed this. It took a half year to finish the job after the promised deadline. But, i'm happy enough for even this. :)

- Hairy

Furry posted on October 12, 2007 at 3:51 PM

Project Dust

Hello, terve, tjäna!

I'm blogging after long break. Ah. Oh, first i want to present my new game, (Project) Dust.

SITES GMC Topic Yoyogames
And i think it's coming here 64digits, too.
But, please, some comments to GMC or Yoyogames. Game is not actually 3D, it's isometric arcade-action with 3d-graphs.

Whole game is by myself, except sound effects.
I need critics and ideas. :) BTW, i have only 2-3 comments, when i write, and the game and topic have been up for a week.

Our, finns, Gamemaker-forums are down, so i am less on computer. Or, i have less to do. My projects won't continue, they're freezed, and nobody gives me comments or critics - best place to get them is finnish GM-forums, but they're down.

I'm planning on 3D-game project, first-person shooter, quake/halo stylish. And maybe doing network on it, but, maybe. And it's when i make previous (Dust) complete first.

So, i have some motivation-problems with making games. I feel like i don't have to do it ready, and then the project dies. Does anybody else have this same feeling? Or problems with motivation? Quess how many READY games i have. Yes, zero. Or, wait, i have one! Its snake, with 360 orientation. Yes, it's not very interesting or challenging to play or make.

- Furry

Furry posted on December 24, 2006 at 1:12 PM


Hi! Today is christmas-eve. I made my first complete game today. It should appear to here at near future. I'm little proud of myself - i made COMPLETE game. :)

I notice, that i have new favourite-bands - Kamelot, Dream Theater, Kalmah. Specially Dream Theater & Kamelot.

I have plans to do sequel to Snuff-Snake's 360. Version 1 is just a minigame, but version 2 may be bigger project. At least it will have settings and more levels. Maybe few modes more than current version. Oh, i have christmas-dinner soon.

We haven't so much snow as usually this year - it banalize an ambience of the christmas. But i hate snow, it is good present to me that we haven't so much snow in here Finland. :)

Happy Christmas! And remember a condom when you are going to bed, and you don't want kids! They just yells time after time.

- Furry