I like Metal Music, and Dance/Electronic. And soundtracks of fantasymovies .. Hip-Hop and Rap R\'n\'B etc. is fully crap, i think, but its just my opinion. I have 10 months experience to GM6 and i make music with ~2y experience.

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by Furry

Posted on December 24, 2006 at 1:12 PM

Hi! Today is christmas-eve. I made my first complete game today. It should appear to here at near future. I'm little proud of myself - i made COMPLETE game. :)

I notice, that i have new favourite-bands - Kamelot, Dream Theater, Kalmah. Specially Dream Theater & Kamelot.

I have plans to do sequel to Snuff-Snake's 360. Version 1 is just a minigame, but version 2 may be bigger project. At least it will have settings and more levels. Maybe few modes more than current version. Oh, i have christmas-dinner soon.

We haven't so much snow as usually this year - it banalize an ambience of the christmas. But i hate snow, it is good present to me that we haven't so much snow in here Finland. :)

Happy Christmas! And remember a condom when you are going to bed, and you don't want kids! They just yells time after time.

- Furry