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Game Fortress posted on February 24, 2007 at 6:37 AM

Game Fortress's Report

I have been busy like never before, and now that I have a laptop, I haven't been online much. I just wanted to remind everybody that I still exist and that I am still developing games. Alot of the changes I have made to existing projects are behind the scenes, so the screenshots might not look that different to you.

Of particular interest, I have put alot of work into The Alchemist's Secret. It has a great user interface now and the mechanics are simplified.

<img src="">;

Stardust has grown alot as well. You can now level up in battle and acess new attacks from the pause menu.

<a href="">; Stardust Screenshot #</a>
<a href="">; Stardust Screenshot #2</a>

Here are some random shots of newer games (most of them are mini games) that I am too lazy to properly explain.

<a href="">; R.E.E.B.O </a>

<a href="">; Underground</a>

<a href="">Ripped: Assault and Battery</a>

<a href="">; Checkmate</a>

Game Fortress posted on November 01, 2006 at 5:28 AM

Stardust is in progress again

I put Stardust on the shelf after getting the basic engine working a few months ago, for lack of inspiration. It wasnt meshing like I had wanted, but I was finally struck with a few new ideas for it, and I have relaunched the project. (I have had a few unnanounced ones that are finished, but I am still cleaning them up. For curious eyes, the closest to completion is Underground, but I will talk about that later) I am happy to announce the first progress scinece August. I reprogrammed ALL the AI and it works MUCH smoother now. I was able to cut the code in half after figuring out a new way to work it, and I also revamped the pause menu and some of the attack mechanics. I reworked the talkboxes as well. Here is a screen:

<a href="">SCREENSHOT</a>;

or, if the html link didnt work, paste this in your browser:
As for Underground... it was for a school project and I guess it got out of hand. It is a platformer that features double jumping as a major gameplay element, along with puzzles and exploration. The main character is some kind of frozen Gremlin who is helping free all his imprisioned freinds from a hot underground mine. It will be short and sweet. I wanted out by today, but that didnt happen... perhaps next week though, depending on how much time goes into Stardust.

(Oh, I just read the post that says HTML is disabled. That explains alot)

Game Fortress posted on September 10, 2006 at 1:41 AM

The Alchemist's Secret

Okay, before sombody shoots me for a new project (because I know people are getting sick of my constant switching) hear me out. Those who have followed my forum may know of my plans to do commercial game work. For that reason, I have been holding back several titles (REEBO foremostly, but also beta versions of Stardust and Blackwater) because I have not decided if I want to leave them as Freeware or attempt to sell them. (No hate mail please, I have gotten enough of it already for "selling out" and it didnt change anything. dont spam my inbox)

Anyway, I also wanted to make a freeware game from time to time, for people to enjoy and to bring traffic to my website. Nobody seemed to belive me, and for that reason, The Alchemist's Secret was born.

The whole game takes place inside an acient book. Anyway, time to cut the crap and show the game.

<a href="">Download The Alchemist's Secret </a>


(TAS is mouse navigation)

Right Click to set target
Left Click to launch attacks

(The character will lauch the active attack when you press the left mouse button. The following keys alternate the active attack)

Z- Sets Active Attack to Barrier
X- Sets Active Attack to Blast
C- Sets Active Attack to Arrow Barrage
V- Sets Active Attack to Slash
B- Sets Active Attack to Beam

How to play:

You play the game as an Immunculus; A creature made from magic ink. Before you start the game, you have to create your Immunculus. To do this, you select 5 hexons (magical symbols with various attributes.)

The Green Hexon grants Speed
The Yellow Hexon grants Magic
The Red Hexon grants Strength
The Blue Hexon grants Defense

If you give your Immunculus five green hexons, but no others, it will be very fast but very weak. Choose your own combonation.

The Health Bar:

In TAS, you have 4 different types of health (one for each Hexon symbol)
EVERY Immunculus has these four symbols, regardless of wich hexons put it together. When enemies attack, they may target all 4 symbols, or just one or two. The brightness of the symbol shows how much health is left in each symbol. If two symbols are destroyed, the game is over. (confusing, but you will get the hang of it)

The Magic:

To launch a spell, you must have magical energy. When a spell is launched, the magical energy drops and must recharge. Some spells cost more magic than others. An Immunculus that has been given Magic (yellow) Hexons will recover magic much faster than normal. The glowing Aura around the Immunculus indicates how much magic is available.

Screen Shot
<img src="">;

<a href="">Savefile</a>;
(I will try to update with more information, but Im all typed out for now)