So apparently my name is Oscar Ayala, Im a junior in college. Studying 2d/3d Animation. At times I like to draw concept ideas for an anime I am working on. My goal is to apply to Ringling and Calarts and hopefully get accepted.

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New Update On CSW Game

by GreenNex

Posted on November 22, 2007 at 4:36 PM

I have been working on my game that I am really proud of. If you dont know what CSW is, well its a wannabe Cave Story and zelda mixed together. I want this game to come out perfectly. This game is going to take atleast,if I work on it continuously, one year, but it might take longer. I have been working on some new weapons and "tunics". I have also been working on the menu.


The guy you see on top of the house is someone you need to fight later on. If you beat him, he would give you a mask that gives you his powers.
Screenshot 2 Working on how the locations are going to look.

Pause Menu

Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5


Regular-The tunic you have from the start.
Water-Able to swim underwater.
Fire-Able to withstand the hottest locations.
Desert-Able to breathe on the stongest sandstorms.
Magnet-Able to stick on magnet in any direction.
Coldwear-Helps you withstand the coldest storm. Also able to freeze water.

Teleporting to different Locations/Planets

The main location is called Art Chamber. Here you have to search around to find different paintings that represents different locations/planets. There is also going to be boss battles in here. Thats all for now, until my next blog.