Professional software developer. Still uses Game Maker for hobbyist (FOR NOW) purposes. PC Master Race (Switch and PS4 are alright too) gamer without much free time. Queer, Christian, pronouns: She/Her

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Nighthawk posted on July 22, 2018 at 4:55 PM

Welcome to 2018

Hey everybody, what's good? It's been a while. I occasionally peek in and see what's changed here for nostalgic reasons. Found the discord server, joined that, said hi, figured I'd make a post here though for good measure. 

Life's pretty different these days. I moved out of my parents' place almost two years ago, I've had three developer jobs now and I'm hoping this new one sticks for a while. It's not my dream job but the pay is good, the work is manageable and the people are chill. (Albeit significantly older than me.) I'm still hoping that next game I finish is going to help propel me into a career as an indie game developer, we'll see if I actually finish one of them though first haha. Latest foray is like an online co-op slay the spire with a 2D final fantasy aesthetic. (I'll share more details another day if I feel like it.)

Also, I'm a girl now, welcome to 2018! I've been transitioning for about a year, on hormone replacement for about nine months, and I'm out basically everywhere but work at this point. (It'll be a bit of an HR thing when I do come out there and I'd rather wait until my "new hire probation" finishes up first.) I didn't make many people's most-likely-to-come-out-as-queer lists, partially due to my being pretty openly religious, but that's also part of the reason it took me so long to finally get it out there. Either way I feel a huge sense of relief in being able to speak openly about it these days and it feels so much more honest. That, and watching my appearance change over time, wearing whatever the heck I like, and finally being addressed the way I've wanted for years is just 👌.

Aaaanyways I'm really interested to hear about where people are and what they're doing these days. I'm kinda overly sentimental and it'd be really cool to reminisce with folks here who remember me from way back when.

Nighthawk posted on March 20, 2016 at 7:14 PM

Finally a bachelor!

Actually I've never not been a bachelor. However, I am now the proud owner of a bachelor's degree! It took me more than seven years of college and 25 years of student loan debt, but we can sweat the details later. Was just browsing through to find some of my old projects to potentially put on my portfolio and I noticed that a few people I remember still post here, so I figured I'd give you guys some kind of update.

Now that I'm done with school I am on the job hunt. Got an in-person interview coming up this week so my fingers are crossed. The only person I met here who I still stay in regular contact with would have to be SteveKB (meow44) who I play League with and talk about life and programming with. I've still been working on games on and off, the biggest project of which would be this castlevania-esque game which will be finished...

Anyway I'm mostly curious what you guys are up to. I'm surprised this site still seems to be kind-of active.

Nighthawk posted on June 27, 2012 at 8:52 AM

Wow, this is still here.

Hey guys, long time no see. I expected this site to be dead but I see pretty much the same group of people here as when I left. Cool beans.

Is everyone here still doing Game Maker or have you all migrated to something else? I'm trying to move away from Game Maker but meh, it works and I can work with it. Although truth be told, I haven't made much in a long time, been busy with classes, failing with women and... Playing lots of video games. :D

I am kind of off-working on a game right now though. Remember Element? Probably not. One of the mods brought it back wit a fancy new engine so I have my fingers in that to keep it legit.

I'm also officially taking comp sci classes now. They're pretty cool. I like being required to use a computer to do my homework, makes it really convenient to google things.

So yeah, not much is new with me. Basically same-old same-old. I might post some stuff over the summer. Financial aid doesn't support summer classes so I have some time and will probably make some games. Good to visit the site again, congrats to the staff for not exploding the servers in my absence.