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Kairos posted on October 02, 2008 at 10:32 PM

RTS Progress

There's your content.

Some clips of multiplayer. So far, it's about a year of work, but including school. I won't mention a release date because they've always been wrong and I frequently shift my priorities, not to mention it's already school again.

My website also got a facelift. You can check it out here.

Gotta do college apps and other fun stuff soon. This year has been much more demanding than the last.

Kairos posted on July 21, 2008 at 4:09 PM

Multiplayer Project, and other stuff.

Hey people, I haven't blogged here for a while. Mainly because I've spent my whole summer working on my game, since I'm preparing to enter it in another compo. Here are some progress screenshots in thumbnails:

I had originally planned a multiplayer release in May, but yeah, that didn't work out. But there needs to be a release at the start of August, otherwise I'm screwed. My partner is doing a lot of work with unit abilities, which include the likes of area spells, enhancements, and fancy attacks. I have finished most of the networking (which was incredibly tedious) and right now I'm working on singleplayer AI, since I need to wait for the abilities to be finished before I can start making eye candy to go along with them and finish up the first release of multiplayer action. I originally planned for a max 6 players (just imagine) and I still hope that the load will not be too much on the person hosting the game. But I can safely assure 2 player matches, which is more important than anything else.
I mentioned before that I would have a server list, so I may contact Fred about Reflect Service. But first release will just be using IP addresses. I'll make an announcement then, of course.

I'm also doing the music for the game, though I've never composed anything before or have much music knowledge. Here's an example of what I've made, although the music won't be the same, this was just an experiment. Techno/ Industrial mp3
That's all for now, folks. Some big things are coming soon.

Kairos posted on March 23, 2008 at 3:39 PM

Brawl friend codes.

Now, if you live in the US:

Well, I've obtained Brawl ten days after release, and I've been playing quite a bit. I'm like halfway through SSE, but I usually don't have enough time/ don't want to finish it, and my current cast of characters is good enough. The characters I usually play as are pikachu and lucario.

I was playing against someone only 50 something miles away from me, and the connection was crazy laggy, so I decided to static IP my wii and port forward stuff. I completely forgot that I needed to do that for optimal networking. I live in the east coast, but I can play people on the other side of the country with no problems, unless they have a bad connection on their end.

My friend code is 3351-3918-0457, so share them if you want to play every once in a while. I'm like the only person in my area who got the game so late.

Of course, that means you can say goodbye to game dev progress for a while.