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And MORE Eye candy.

by Kairos

Posted on August 16, 2007 at 3:43 PM

It's been a darn long time since I've blogged. Though, I've been working my butt off on the game that you've seen in my previous blogs. If you haven't seen them, then you won't know what it is.

Some screenshots, again. Might release another video soon.

Don't hit those lasers.

Charge Shot Effect.

The game is getting closer to completion. By the end of September, even with school, is the time it should be done.

On a computer with a non-integrated gfx card with over 128 mb of memory, with 2.10 ghz processing speed and 512 RAM as a minimum, there should be barely any lag.

Trust me. I worked hard on it both graphic-wise and optimized for speed. But there will be some people who get a bit even with those specs. Depends on your gfx card, mostly.

In other news, the summer is almost over. Which is bad.

Probably going to set up a simple website soon, and get myself a domain name/ team name. That team would probably only compose of me, but I like the sound of "Team ------" rather than " ------ GAMES". And I never really liked referring to such a small group of one or more as a company.

S'all for now.