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NoodleNog posted on December 21, 2008 at 3:47 PM

Dr Octogonapus


Left 4 Dead is great. Looking for people to play Co-op RA3 EotRS campaign on Hard with. Already completed Soviet campaign.


NoodleNog posted on October 26, 2008 at 1:47 AM

Oh dear.

It has been a while. A lot has changed since I last updated.

Maths, Add. Science, ICT, DT - A*
English Lang & Lit, Geography - A
French - B

Yuup. I surprised myself there too. Taking Maths, Physics, Electronics and Computing at college. Awesome... but sucky because some of my best friends are at different colleges. Zekian it seems is too stubborn to go to a more conveniently located college in favour of one with higher ofsted stats. *shakes fist* ITS OON!! 0__0

Anyway he's always out doing parkour jams nowadays >__> I would totally go with him to some but I cant do jack besides konging stuff, and I'm not good with people. >=[

L4D is going to be the new best game ever. end of. (the old best game ever being CoH of course)

Gotten myself into microcontroller programming and electronics in general, and I plan on making a real-time 2d space mapping robot. The only thing im lacking in is money. Hardware is expensive. Thats the advantage to just programming software. Its cheap and its (near) impossible to fuck up your hardware. Oh well, I was planning on having a bluetooth uart interface so I can have my pc carry out the heavy algorithms and store mapping data and communicate it to the robot to avoid spending too much money on the project. Should still be very interesting. Speaking of, in GMod i've been working on a pretty sweet autonomous battlebot using wiremod. Might post a save and a youtube or two when I get a bit further.

As for the GM scene, you know the drill; I have a sweet idea for a zombie game (I always do) and am thinking of entering the Halloween contest... etc. etc. Fuck it, who am I kidding? I'll never finish it. Pessimism is a viscous cycle, which requires considerable determination to escape. Though I do have a whole week to myself. (and I wont be spending much time on CoH considering a significant clanmember wont be with us for a week. Not that we need him.) eh

Well, enough of that.

Particle physics is fun!


NoodleNog posted on June 01, 2008 at 8:18 PM


Great game. Got it a week ago, despite me having exams to revise for. Not very sensible but bleh.

Things I like about it: - The attention to detail everything in it seems to have.
- Huge diversity of action and things to do.
- Interesting stories and sub-missions.
- Getting drunk and trying to drive home.
- The characters and the humorous cutscenes.
- The reaction cops have when you try and jack them when they are patrolling in a car.
- The seamless ragdoll physics and new vehicle handling. People complain about how difficult realistic the cornering is, when the truth is they just suck at pulling drifts.

Things I dislike about it: - Where are my planes?
- Repetitiveness of maintaining relationships with people. I gave up in the end. Too many people contact you too often, especially when you are aiming to finish all the missions in under 30h for an achievement.
- At night time its too dark to see anything, so I find myself changing brightness settings every 12 game hours (about 30min real time)
- Selection of weapons is not very diverse (only 2 of each type, and not much interesting variation apart from power and accuracy)
- Selection of vehicles is not very diverse (only a few of each category)
- Street lamps are knocked over when hit at 5km/h, whereas trees are completely indestructible. wtf.
And that reminds me. I know none of the other GTA's had speedometers, but would it really hurt to have an optional one?
- The phone system is very clever, except its incredibly annoying sometimes, like when you get knocked down by a car and the conversation ends, and especially when you are wanted and a call is triggered in the mission. Its a little difficult to get away from cops when you are limited to walking and cant enter any vehicles without skipping through the dialog.

However, overall its a great game and I would definitely recommended it.