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Kaz posted on October 20, 2010 at 2:12 PM

The end of school

Whats up everyone? Haven't made a blog in a while O_O

So I scheduled for my last semester, it's pretty badass. It's looking like I'll only have 2 classes a day for about 3 hours, so I'm excited. Gives me much more time to work than this semester does. I don't even want to talk about this semester D=

So what have I been up to? Other than stressing over school for the past 8 weeks, I've been programming another web app for myself which speeds up my development time. I call it 'Minoptimizr', because it minifies, then optimizes any CSS or JS file, generally reducing the filesize by 50-70%. Before I would use another site to minify it, then use GZIP to compress it, but now my app does it all in one step! Don't know if it's useful for anyone else, but if you do any webdev check it out.
Apps page link
As for games, of course I've been playing Minecraft. I mostly play single player since there's no survival in SMP yet, hoping the Halloween update changes that. Haven't made anything too impressive yet though, just tower-y stuff and a greenhouse. Although I did use redstone to make a sweet cart station.
It waits for me to hit the button, then gives me a cart. Once I get on the cart, it sends me down the track until the end.

Well, I'm gonna get back to blindly staring at my teacher while he explains things I learned 6 years ago!

Kaz posted on August 15, 2010 at 3:26 AM

A JS/HTML5 competition

So I entered a competition, one based around new web technologies. The catch is that the app (including all code & images) have to be under 10kb. You can view the competition site here:
10k Apart
I submitted an app that I had already partially created for myself, but decided to finish it and add some cool things to it. What my app dies is easily allow web developers to create and save HTML forms through a simple GUI. You also have the option to create some simple form validation code, in jQuery or PHP, through the GUI. Finally, you have the option to save the form markup with HTML5 localStorage, so no need for databases!

Sadly, the highest rated submissions are lackluster games and stupid to-do lists. Anyway, here is my submission. Rate it what you want, because I don't see myself getting near the top in time. I'd like some criticism more at this point, so leave a comment on your thoughts. I'm very proud of this project though, because it pushed my skills and taught me even more.
formBuild - Click "launch app" on the right to get it to work

School I begin my senior year at college next week, and I couldn't be more excited. I have so many ideas I want to work on and of course I always want to learn more. Also, this year I'm the head of MSCEI, an entrepreneur program designed to get students used to the real world of business. I contact businesses who need websites or programs made and I give the projects to students to complete. We all make $10 an hour so it's sweet.

That's all for now!

Kaz posted on May 31, 2010 at 5:37 AM

devPort updates!

The initial beta tests have been very successful in finding bugs and making suggestions and we have worked on every one of them so far! Soon we will be adding new features once some things have been tested, so go sign up!

Updates! New updates include an improved image selector which shows a thumbnail of each image in your file manager as well as telling you when a file is in use in a creation in the file manager. We hope that these features will lead to a better experience on the site.

devPort features a fully dynamic way to view people's creations through image galleries, slideshows, and instant comment updates!

Stay connected with your friends on the site through instant updates of their actions and any comments on your own creations through the Feed!