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Malaika posted on November 03, 2007 at 12:00 PM

Mal's Blog: GM Games

Okay, so when I said I wasn't developing Ordos Machina anymore, the reason why is because I'm devoting my time to a few other projects.

The main one of these projects is, of course, Fear Tactics. I've been looking at the story and game mechanics, and I'm still working all of that out.

But first the game needs a name change. I'm thinking something along the lines of


What do you think? I kinda like it - simple and elegant, but with a darker undertone. I'll see if I can get a preview title screen or something for it, just so I can see what the name would look like in the game. I know that's a little silly, but its important!

I'm also developing the card backgrounds and the actual battle system (which for those who don't know will be a virtual dice-based card game).

The most important thing, and the thing that has held me up for this long, is the ability to add external content. I would eventually love to be able to release a 'core' game to you guys, and then add extra content later on (mainly extra creatures). The thing that gets me is implementing them in the game SMOOTHLY. This will take a LOT of work, and a great deal of very careful thought needs to go into the engine. Which is why I'm going to say, while you may get sneak peeks of creatures in the game, don't hold your breath for even the demo version - this one will take some time.

On a blog-related note, I've decided I might take some time out here and there to talk about some tidbits of info you guys might find useful. Things like developing a design document, feature lists of games, graphics, sound and story. It could be interesting.

Is that enough? I think I wrote a lot. These blog entry boxes need to be bigger, damn it!

Anyhoo, let me know if there are any particularly cool features you'd like to see Pandora have, or awesome creatures that I like, totally HAVE to like, LITERALLY add or whatever.

:3 byee

Malaika posted on November 01, 2007 at 6:54 AM

Mal's Blog: I'm back!


Thought I'd stop by and say hi, or whatever. I haven't had the time to blog about anything for a few months, and I guess I'm pretty boring anyway.

Oh, there is one thing. My main project, Danse Machina, is no longer my main project. Work on that has been taken over by Zyzyx66. A new demo is out too, and you can see it

Hmm... What else... I'm moving out at the end of the year. Yeah, my landlord needs the house for his son or some shit, so I'm out. But that's cool, cos I moving in with a few friends.

I broke up with my gf a few months back. It was amicable though, and we're still best friends. We still live together, and we're moving together next year. So I'm happy.

... I started working on Fear Tactics again. Its getting a name change, and I'll be teaming up with Zyzyx66 to get it done. That guy's got some talent with photoshop! I'll be working on scripting it, while he finishes DM - or Ordos Machina as it is now known.

Anyways, bye for now. I might even keep updating my blog now!

Malaika posted on September 28, 2006 at 7:10 AM

Juno Reactor

I stumbled upon Juno reactor the other month, and after getting a bunch of their songs, I've come to theconclusion that think they are awesome. Apparently, they're 'goa' electronicka (whatever that means). You've probably heard them - they did most of the music for Reloaded and Revolutions.

I've got big plans for the music in Danse machina too. I plan to add 'dynamic' music. Basically, when nothing is going on, the music will be basic atmospheric stuff, but when an enemy comes around, it will add a beat track/etc. . The bigger the shit-fight gets, the harder the music will get. I'm also looking at timing the music to the weapons fire. So when a weapon fires, a small sample is added to the music track for a bar or so. I thought that would be kinda cool.

There won't be much time for DM in the next few weeks though - I'm going to be very, very busy with uni work. I need to finish my machinima movie quickly, and I'v got a 3d marble madness game to make, as well as a few other things. One of the biggest is going to be a game pitch document. I'll be using DM, so I'll probably post most of it here at some point for you to look at.

I'd like to get to work on my civ game, but the time issue comes to play again... I'll keep you all posted on that one.

I've also noticed that people are up in arms about my gender on GMG :P Just about every topic in the off-topic has someone say something about whether I'm a girl or guy. I like to keep them in the dark though. You'd think it would be easy to spot... One day some admin is going to get annoyed. I think its cute though.

Hmm... not much else to say, except I got Company of Heroes (Relic's ew RTS) and I gotta say... wow.

thats it. just wow.

And if you haven't seen it in action, get it. Right. Fucking. Now.

And you will surely agree. Wow.

Put it this way. Every unit is fully bump-mapped. Everything in the game uses real-time Havok physics (including tank/artillery shells - that is something to experience). It take RTS to a completely new level. And I mean completely new level. Relic are really stepping up to the plate with their latest few games, and the work they do is sure to change the face of RTS from here on in.

Okay, so I had a bit more to say than wow, but I haven't even touched on the incredible AI and tactical gameplay (which is incredible).

Anyways, I'll be home on Tuesday, so I might blog again then. Byees.