...Wisdom Theet

Posted by Ronnica on Oct. 12, 2012, 5:20 p.m.

Uh oh, two blogs on the front page! Getting crazy with my blogging ability! Somebody stop me- ouch, face.

Okay so I'm just waking up from a nap, feeling A-OK. Had my wisdom teeth removed this morning. About 8 hours ago from this blog post. I think.

The whole deal with my wisdom teeth, is that they are were impacted. What this is means is they were not fully out of my gums. I had to go to an oral surgeon. During the consultation he explained to me what they do in the case of impacted wisdom teeth. Let me share that information and my experience with you.

So they hooked me up to an intravenous, and stick heart monitors on me (two on my upper chest, one on my lower left side). Then they injected what I assumed was the anesthesia stuff or whatever in the IV. I remember the surgeon saying, "This is the stuff that's gonna make you sleepy, but it wont knock you out right away."

Honestly, a minute later I was OUT.

While I was asleep, the oral surgeon and his assistant went to work. How they kept my mouth open, I will never know. Anyways, to remove impacted wisdom teeth, they make an incision in my gum line from in front of the wisdom tooth to the back of it (essentially the back of my mouth), they proceed to pull that flap down to reveal the rest of the tooth. They crack that tooth in half, and pull it out piece by piece. They do it for all the wisdom teeth.

The dangers of impacted wisdom teeth are that if the tooth is still too far into the gums, breaking them can cause nerve damage that will leave your chin and bottom lip numb forever. So I have to wait until tomorrow for the numbness to wear off and if it doesn't, I'll know something went wrong.

As for waking up, I felt myself sort of be aware that I was sleeping, and opened my eyes. There was no one in the room. I had an ugly blanket on me. I tried focusing my eyes on the window but I still felt kinda sleepy so I shut my eyes, and opened them several times. Finally I tried moving and it kinda woke me up. The doctor's nurse-assistant-oral-hygienist came in and was like, "Oh! How are you feeling?" I said I felt okay and that's when I could feel my entire bottom jaw was just numbed out to hell. Good thing too, I suppose. She got me my sweatshirt and helped me off the chair. It was felt like that one time I got drunk, and the room was moving and I was trying to walk straight, but it didn't really happen. It also didn't feel as happy.

They handed me over to my husband then we walked got to the car. I sat in the front seat and pulled the visor down to look in the mirror at my face. My mascara had smudged onto my cheeks as if my eyes had been watering. My bottom lip is all puffy. I opened my mouth in the mirror and could see there was still blood all over my tongue and teeth. I noticed there was blood on my T-shirt too. I kept my mouth shut until we got home where I rinsed my mouth out and brushed my teeth. There was quite a bit of blood. For obvious reasons. But still, lots.

Anyways, still laying in bed from my nap. I'm feeling sleepy again. I hope when I wake up and check back in, everyone will have silly stories for me to cheer me up. I love derailed comments. But not always.

Off to chew on more gauze.



Snakeman 11 years, 7 months ago

god damn i feel for you

getting wisdom teeth out is just one of the absolute worst fucking days of your life

Ferret 11 years, 7 months ago

Sounds like you are doing alright, which is good. When I got mine pulled I couldn't look at my laptop for 2 days I felt so sick.

flashback 11 years, 7 months ago

Don't worry too much if you're still numb, it took my girlfriend about two or three months before she had full sensation in her mouth again.

firestormx 11 years, 7 months ago

It's hard to resist making a comment about oral sex.