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Ross posted on July 04, 2013 at 10:27 PM

It's a rainy 4th of July

So I had wicked plans of going to the river and eating BBQ and watching fireworks but then the entire state of Alabama got rained out... so that all got cancelled.

So I've been stuck at home all day watching old movies and whatnot, and upong getting on Facebook I noticed something I had never noticed before... that the general population of humans in America are absolute freaking morons. Case in point:

I lol'd until I realized how sad that was.

But that's pretty much all I got. For the nostalgic crowd here I'm getting on Sapphire Tears with a few old 64Ders tonight if anyone wants in.

Ross posted on January 24, 2013 at 5:01 AM

Anyone here dabble with MATLAB?

We use MATLAB a lot in my Engineering studies, but as far as programming goes the thing is just a glorified calculator on steroids. I've heard of people actually making playable games and even executables using it, and I immediately wondered if anyone in the wonderful land of 64D ever tried anything like it. I know the syntax in MATLAB is incredibly similar to C++ so it wouldn't be all that difficult in theory.

But anyway, to make this more like a blog. I'm almost halfway through Mechanical Engineering studies and MATLAB + AutoCAD/Solidworks for 3D modelling is definitely the most fun I have in any of my classes. I really do think using GM as a young teenager really helped my ability to jump right into programming in any language and become proficient immediately after learning the syntax. The algorithm building crap is just learned after repeated trial and error, so I owe Mark Overmars a little credit once I eventually get done with school. I've pulled a nice 3.93 GPA too, so life is going pretty smooth.

Finally, word on the street is that 64D people are sexier then your average Joe Schmoe. I think I can confirm. Good work guys.

Ross posted on August 07, 2012 at 5:31 AM

I have 50 member points, what do I win?

I'd like to exchange them for a plate of pristine chocolate chip cookies. Should this be a problem a plate of Macadamia nut cookies will suffice.

For real though, this website looks completely different than I remember it. Very, very nice. Except for the fact that Arcalyth took away my Arcabadge because he's a racist bastard. Other than that, good stuff.

For programming news..... uh.... I got an A in my MATLAB course last semester. Thought it was hilariously easy while others struggled endlessly. I guess that's what a little programming through high school will do for you.

That's all I got, stay cool my friends.