Coloraze Level Contest Day #6

Posted by Siert on July 5, 2008, 2:30 p.m.

Hits at contest start: 7894


You can be one. The only thing you can't do is have your own levels in the contest, but you can still submit levels to the game.



You can be one. The only thing you have to do is make a level using the game provided above.



-Kenon - Teal Towers

-FewCarrot Top with Semisense

-serprex with 2, Breakthrow, Forget Color, Freefall, Prequel to FC, Sequel to FC, Tedious, Traps of Boob

-Nighthawk with ColormAze, Choose_a_path, spectrumfall


This contest ends July 6.

Post or PM me your levels. Judges, you can still make levels they just won't be in the contest

If I don't get anymore submissions, I will extend the contest end until the 13, when I get back from another vacation.

Unreleased change log for "v0.8".
Quote: v0.8
fixed finish blocks not flashing

fixed when player falls directly on spike and doesn't die

fixed incorrect test code

fixed random black blocks at 0,0

added upload function

auto .ccl conversion

background behind menu is darker

room speed is changed to 45 (instead of 60)

returning blocks return faster when farther away

filters language

downloads list of uploaded levels

checks to see if uploadee name aleady exists

screen shots
Quote: To Do List for v0.8

main menu

download level function from main menu

levels are rateable
I am one step closer to getting hosted on 64Digits, now Canadonian has to back to me and hopefully it's set!

It I get a high demand for it (and some more level submissions), I'll try harder to release v0.8 before the weekend is over.

If Nighthawk really does have a hard time making a level fit in the level editor, maybe I'll make the editor bigger…


Which is better, you pick what level you want to download, or when the game starts all new uploaded levels are downloaded?


Pick and download: 4

Auto download: 0

What do you think of these screenshots to display for every level?

I don't know why the links don't work, copy and paste them into your URL and you should be fine.


PY 13 years ago

'now Canadonian has to back to me'

Oh dear.

Nighthawk 13 years ago

You're allowed to enter more than one!? *Gets back to work*

marbs 13 years ago

Oh yeah, I signed up for this. Better make a level!

s 13 years ago

Evil you, censoring Forget Color. And you didn't even include Traps of Boob, which is broken and for which the fixed version was deleted

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to focus more on innuendo

Graydon 13 years ago

I signed up too, I have to make a level. I made a bunch last time but I forgot to this time and when I tried before I could think of how to make a good level.

Cesar 13 years ago

Crap, time to redo a crucial part of my level which involves returning block hopping

Kenon 13 years ago

Pick and download. I don't want to download 80 levels made by nubs. I want to download ones that are really good or look good.

F1ak3r 13 years ago

I second Pot- Kenon.

Nighthawk 13 years ago

Pick and download, that list could get WAY too big later on…

Anyways, two more levels, but I don't like them as much as my first.

s 13 years ago

Use checkboxes and have a "Select All" button