Coloraze v0.91 Is Out!

Posted by Siert on July 22, 2008, 9:31 p.m.

Coloraze Spectrum v0.9 is OUT!

- a better uploader

- an auto-updater

- files are stored in a folders

- heavy name filtering

- GMBED compatibility

- tutorial

- smaller downloads

- new file format

- level editor scrolls

- smaller initial download size

- security updates

Get It At The Download Page!

The next steps will be:

- surfaces

- more security

- compressed packages to download

- sound

- music

- graphical additions

- level rating

- combine play and download

- online fastest scores

Can you wait 'til version 1?

Yes, I know I copied and pasted form my official site, but I'm tired…

EDIT: Linked fixed, sorry! =(

EDIT: There is a version 0.91 out on the auto-updater, tell me if it works! =)

EDIT: Auto-Update has been stopped, hopefully. I'll look into this before I leave tomorrow.


Cesar 13 years ago

woot, time to download ^_^

Graydon 13 years ago

Nice I have been awaiting this update!

Mush 13 years ago

El linko es broken.

Mush 13 years ago

The auto uploader went in an endless loop of uploading.

Nighthawk 13 years ago

It just appears to be starting up over and over again… You should fix that… :(

s 13 years ago

I'm sorry, but as long as you use gmftp, your security is nil

If I disagree to the agreement of offensive language and upload my levels externally, do I still have to follow the language agreement I didn't agree to?

Bryan 13 years ago

lol is he usint gmftp?

Hack time!

Bryan 13 years ago

Oh and rename to colourase.

Cesar 13 years ago

Kenon and I are making videos and trying to best every single course with awesome times.

darktemp didn't think that Ocean would be finished in 37 seconds, did he?

Kenon 13 years ago

We can finish it faster too, we just can't record our superspeed runs always D: