Coloraze Level Contest Results!

Posted by Siert on July 27, 2008, 4:14 p.m.

After a long delay… (sorry about that) …the Level Contest Results are in!

Sadly, I was unable to get a reward to give out. (such as a badge)

Breakthrow by serprex - 6/10

Good idea, but lacks length.

Choose A Path by Nighthawk - 7/10

Colorful and neat, but based too much on luck.

ColormAze by Nighthawk - 10/10

Nice puzzle elements, and fun to play.

Extreme Insanity by RawrSpoon - 9/10

Almost too difficult to be fun!

Insanity by RawrSpoon - 8/10

Same as extreme insanity, but shorter.

Monochrome Jumping by RawrSpoon - =(

I wasn't able to figure out what to do!

Right Before Your Eyes by darktemp7 - 9/10

Very nice layout, some big luck parts but the hidden passages make it great!

Semisense by FewCarrot Top - 6/10

Nice layout, but lacks challenge.

SpectrumFall by Nighthawk - 5/10

Easily completed without changing colors, and it hurt my eyes!

Teal Towers by Kenon - 8/10

Triple rabbit hops scare me!

Tedious by serprex - 8/10

Difficult but still somehow entertaining.

And The Winner Is…

Nighthawk with ColormAze!

Get It At The Download Page!


Nighthawk 13 years ago

Yay! Thanks. ^_^

Liked everyone else's entries too though, nice job to everyone else.

Bryan 13 years ago

Congratulations NightHawk!

Cesar 13 years ago


and on monochrome jumping you have to fall underneath the jumping pads, then jump onto the next jump pad. repeat. :P

Billiamjones 13 years ago

great job!

i guess ill have to try this out.