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SirMixAlot posted on March 22, 2007 at 12:09 AM

[SMA]The FBI wants me

They keep asking me to head their company, but im too busy.

In case you don't believe me, I have a picture of proof
Woops, that's a picture of game maker featured in Nintendo Power Magazine. Yus. Pretty fly. Full article is here
Woops, that's a link that should sound as nice as this song
click this :(
Woops that's a link that I should walk out on... but not before commenting on the fact that people can get to my file manager through a link I won't give :P. I had to delete all my Boomland .gm6's.

Goodnight 64.

SirMixAlot posted on February 11, 2007 at 1:17 AM

[SMA] - 64digits, lol

Boomlands is the third most downloaded game on :/ While browsing the internet I've seen it has like 5000+ downloads. People will play anything these days.
For those who dont know I got third place in's contest with The Boomlands. But I wont be talking about it any more.

I started on an online game. Online parts arent in yet because the level needs a lot more work. Here's a link for any one who is special enough to download it:
I think i'll make a single player adventure out of it first though before I work on it's multiplayer capture the flag action! But i'll talk about it some more leter... not >:(.

I have a wii. I have two controllers and two numchucks. I also have four games; Wii sports, Raving Rabids, Call of Duty 3, and Wario Ware: Smooth moves. The best one is Wii sports which I play as much as possible. EA has posted that they have made a mistake working on the PS3 games and that they will be concentrating more on the Wii. Which is good because there aren't many games out there that look any good for the $70.00 price tag. Except Wii Play and Zelda which look banging.

Im also working on my future in game design, looking at colleges and uni's. I also ordered some books to learn 3D. Remember the name Shane Heres, and in ten years pick up a copy of Forbe's magazine if you ever want to see what I look like and how fly my pad is >:(.

When I came here I only planned on making game topics... now I made a blog that was'nt just about my games. :( FU 46digits.

SirMixAlot posted on December 23, 2006 at 11:30 PM

Boomlands an 3D an Online

--T H E B O O M L A N D S I finished The Boomlands. One game finished 99 more to go.

A temporary site for it is here - It has links an stuff and i'll update that when the game gets updated.

Gamedev still hasnt told any one about the winners or if they are even judging. But I have a feeling they are and im not going to rush them or they might keep tha priez'z lawl.

Since posting the game I can now google my own name and be at the top of the list. Even with my last name being Heres. :O

Got lots of good scores on sites. Havent found anything below a 6/10 yet :D. I dont think it deserves more then a 7 but i'll take it.

--O N L I N E I've also been using the Online Engine in my Favorite Games section. It's really great and any one wanting a lag proof game (The coding wont lag, but ur internet could.) should try it out. Still learning from it and put together a shooter me and some people were playing the other day.

I really want to try an online game soon, just need some better ideas.

--3 D Nobody (JW) semi got me wanting to learn 3D and so I looked into it for the first time and man, its almost easier then 2D :/. A 3D online game in gm could be put together pretty easily if I get a good enough idea.

Here's some screens of some testing an stuff: