Android App Released

Posted by SteveKB on July 9, 2014, 9:24 a.m.

I released my game on the app store (and it's mostly untouched)

I'd like some feedback on it though so if any of you have some spare time feel free to check it out. Be blunt, but mostly on what can be improved.

After I get feedback I'll be able to dedicate some time into adding more things that should make it diverge from the similar versions of this app.

Here is the link: Flappy Anivia

Besides that I'm trying to think of what other project to work on in my spare time.


Hmm… well besides that I'm at an internship right now.

Nothing much is going on besides preparing for convention artist alley tables with my girlfriend.

Here is a list of confirmed alleys that I'll be at:

2014> SS Kaizokucon, Muskegon MI, Aug[16-17]

2014> Youmacon, Detroit MI, Nov[30-2]

2015> Shutocon, Lansing MI, Mar[20-22]

I'll probably post again when I attend some of those (maybe)

cyah all later!


svf 9 years, 10 months ago


instead of trying to create the next hit game (that's original none-the-less), you create a clone. :(

SteveKB 9 years, 10 months ago

@steven your criticism can be more creative than just 1 and 2

@svf I mostly did this because some one on the league subreddit wanted one made and I was like well might as well practice with something simple. I procrastinated for quite a while so the moment has kinda died down since then. I'd still like criticism though. For example a friend of mine has a Samsung Galaxy S4 (I have an S3) and for some reason there is a ortho GL error when I run it on his phone. This'll help me make better original games later as well as fill that extremely small demand by that one guy on reddit haha.

@Cyrus lol I mostly lurk around here. I don't know if I'd want to just do a devblog of some sort here every few weeks or something to keep myself busy or not.

SteveKB 9 years, 10 months ago

The thing about my art is that I've kinda moved a bit away from it because of how time consuming it can be even though I know you can get faster and do great art if you practice.

But to answer your questions:

1. I'm doing android coding at AT&T in a group with some other interns. It's cool working with them and offering some insight to how to do certain things because some of them actually know less coding than me (surprisingly) . As for client work I'm having to learn php (which atm is an eyesore) in order to do automated backups for a database.

2. each artist alley is different and usually you just need a portfolio with a lot of content (mostly not fan art depending on the alley rules). The most important factor for getting in though regardless of how good your portfolio is, is to register as soon as the alley registration is up. Those registration windows can be a small as a few minutes and you have to be on that in order to even be considered. After you're in just focus on figuring out what you should get that may be popular to buy in bulk to sell for 10x the price you bought it for. Also I recently got a square card reader for consumers who don't have cash on them (maximizing profit and costumer satisfaction)

edit: on a side note my app wasn't working with large resolutions because I divided an int with an int for a float ratio lol. it's fixed now hurray!

SteveKB 9 years, 10 months ago

ahaha no you're ok but you need more original content. AWA for example requires at least half of your content be original. Some conventions are more lax but if someone comes and tells the con advisors to remove fanart of a franchise then you need to still have something to sell.

For me I'll not be doing the selling of original/fanart mostly I'll probably have maybe 1 or 2 prints but me and my gf will be doing on the spot commissions as well. (mine will be more sketchy).

SteveKB 9 years, 10 months ago

haha yeah I could tell. Good luck though! it's more of an investment in the beginning and then a payoff after a couple.

Hypernova 9 years, 10 months ago

Two words: be original

Heck this is easier than Flappy Bird.

This is my first attempt:

As an Android developer myself I hate pop out ads.

Pirate-rob 9 years, 10 months ago

I'm guessing the pop-up add is what made you make a mistake seeing such a meagre score.

SteveKB 9 years, 10 months ago

@supernovamfgg Hi, this is true, but that wasn't my intention for this project. It was just a thing I felt like doing for the experience.

Yeah my friends complained that it was 'too hard' so I made the hitbox smaller.

also wow I've never bothered playing that long. Also yeah the popout ads were kinda meh so I've disabled them.


the fullscreen ad doesn't run while you're playing. But I noticed issues with it and disabled it (just now)

@@supernovamfgg also dat review tho… ouch!


Oh boy another Flappy Bird clone. It's an attempt to copy flappy bird but different graphics. But it failed miserably plus it's easier than Flappy Bird. I gave it 1 extra star just because you can have extra continue(s).

bit harsh man D: