screw FF I'm getting a new computer!

Posted by SteveKB on June 30, 2009, 2:22 p.m.

Well Firefox 3.5 is out go get it. My shitty computer is faster at the Internets now yay

Also tomorrow is my judgment day I'll be able to find out my AP grade tomorrow and that will determine whether I'll get my computer on the spot, then and there or not.

processor i7 920, 4 cores, 8 Core Threads, 2.66GHz

RAM 6GB 3x2GB, ddr3, CAS= 7-7-7-20

PSU 650watts etc

HDD 300GB 10k RPM

Monitor 24", 12lbs, 1920x1080 res, 50,000 contrast ratio, 2 ms response time

GFX 9600GT, 512mb

case Antec 900

MOBO Gigabyte X58 UD5

Keyboard Logitech G11 gaming keyboard, glows, 18 programmable macro keys

don't need to say much more but if your wondering why the GFX card sucks well I've decided (after screwing up and getting that card) that at least I'll be able to get a direct x 11 card when they come out later this year with their ray tracing (3d movie rendering technology) unlike the current rastorizing crap we have now.

also windows 7 64x will be on the new computer (the RC)

HOLY CRAP I'm getting my computer I managed to somehow get my grade a day before usual (which was weird) all I have to do now is convince my mom not to buy it after July 4th (she thinks that if she buys it after she'll save money which isn't true.)

oh and I still like Firefox It's just not as important to me anymore, but I still love it :3


SixWinged 15 years ago

Your PC sounds awesome. And the 16x16 Firefox icon is so much better than the old one.

Josea 15 years ago

Getting a Core i7 system right now is only for bragging purposes. It's definitely not the best bang for your buck you can get right now, I would rather wait for their mainstream derivatives due to be released later this year, they will be cheaper, and will force DDR3 prices to drop even more.

Yeah, you can wait for the new videocards to come, but I wouldn't hold my breath about DirectX 11. Heck, we barely have DX10 games right now.

I would rather get a slower HDD. 10k ones usually make a lot of noise and the performace gains won't be all that much above 7200 rpm. It's better to buy a huge 1 Tb drive and wait for next year to buy an SSD, or if you have money to burn right now, get an OCZ Vertex (or better, a OCZ Summit)

I really don't know what you do on the computer, but for the majority of people getting a quad core is waaaay overkill. Heck, I have a Core 2 E7300 and I'm doing fine; and I do a lot of stuff.

PY 15 years ago

Think about it, though, Josea - it might not be the best deal RIGHT NOW, but it offers the best upgradability, and the i7s are still damn good processors. For HDDs, I've always said grab 2 - 1 small and fast, for the OS, and anything you need good HDD speed on, and one big'n'average.

Josea 15 years ago

The only CPUs that will really be a potential upgrade to current Core i7s are the future 6-cores due to be released next year (or later this year, I don't remember)

People are already struggling to find an use for all those cores, so a 6-core makes no sense, even for enthusiasts. Besides, since it will be sold as a high-end part, I doubt its price will justify the little performance gains.

Going Intel right now, July 1st of 2009, is tough choice.

SteveKB 15 years ago

actually it's not so tough I'm going to overclock it to 3.33ghz and save $750. (3.33 will match the clock ratio with my RAM default clocks)

also the reviews were the best for the HDD super cool almost no noise and double the data rate. burst rate was 180MB/s

also the computer is only 1.5K what's the problem?

Josea 15 years ago

Well, then you better hope you get a CPU that will overclock to that. Just because many people on the net can achieve certain clock doesn't mean yours will too <_<

It has happened to me.

SteveKB 15 years ago

i7 are known for their high overclockerbility levels people can get them to 5GHz (with extreme cooling life support lol)

flashback 15 years ago

Both the i7s and the Phenom IIs are known for their overclocking being madness and sparta all in one convenient package.

But uh, 9600GT? GPU limiting much?

SteveKB 15 years ago

like i said I've already got that so I'll just be upgrading later with a dx11 card (dx11 is getting popular among REAL developers)

[deleted user] 15 years ago

REAL devlopers, developers that make REAL games. none of that pussy shit this is the future where we make games that are serious