screw FF I'm getting a new computer!

Posted by SteveKB on June 30, 2009, 2:22 p.m.

Well Firefox 3.5 is out go get it. My shitty computer is faster at the Internets now yay

Also tomorrow is my judgment day I'll be able to find out my AP grade tomorrow and that will determine whether I'll get my computer on the spot, then and there or not.

processor i7 920, 4 cores, 8 Core Threads, 2.66GHz

RAM 6GB 3x2GB, ddr3, CAS= 7-7-7-20

PSU 650watts etc

HDD 300GB 10k RPM

Monitor 24", 12lbs, 1920x1080 res, 50,000 contrast ratio, 2 ms response time

GFX 9600GT, 512mb

case Antec 900

MOBO Gigabyte X58 UD5

Keyboard Logitech G11 gaming keyboard, glows, 18 programmable macro keys

don't need to say much more but if your wondering why the GFX card sucks well I've decided (after screwing up and getting that card) that at least I'll be able to get a direct x 11 card when they come out later this year with their ray tracing (3d movie rendering technology) unlike the current rastorizing crap we have now.

also windows 7 64x will be on the new computer (the RC)

HOLY CRAP I'm getting my computer I managed to somehow get my grade a day before usual (which was weird) all I have to do now is convince my mom not to buy it after July 4th (she thinks that if she buys it after she'll save money which isn't true.)

oh and I still like Firefox It's just not as important to me anymore, but I still love it :3


firestormx 15 years ago

Ew, FF.

ATOGAMES 15 years ago

firefox rox!!!!