PCs are great

Posted by SteveKB on Dec. 22, 2009, 1:51 a.m.


I didn't want it to be in hd on this blog because it would be too small, also if you can't watch it in hd because it lags on you then that's sad, but don't worry apparently a new version of flash is coming out that will fix that for slower gfx cards or something.

to be fair my computer does not have the card required for the the engine in the vid however i do have this engine on my computer and it still looks smexy in dx10 with my old 9600gt. I will be looking forward to games with this technology and also I can't wait till next summer since I will be upgrading my video card then (this one has will be in use for a year by then and I will be selling it as well)

I love how they are getting close to how movies used to look :3



Josea 14 years, 6 months ago

That's my point meow, the guy is using a 5870! You can be that when you get your hands on a DX11 card under $150, it'll either be too underpowered to push those amazing graphics (ATI 5750), or it'll be obsolete (6000 series coming out)

You're right though, Nvidia's Fermi hasn't come out so ATI can do whatever they want with the 5xxx series.

But any of this doesn't matter because I'm very happy with my ATI 4850 :) It's still got enough power.

Kaz 14 years, 6 months ago

I've only got a radeon 4570 V_V

PY 14 years, 6 months ago

I have a Radeon X1300PRO. It was practically free, and do you know what? I'm happy with it. It plays most everything at whatever the fps cap is, albeit on low. But I don't need fancy graphics to have fun.

SteveKB 14 years, 6 months ago

i made a comment and the internet ate it. what I'd do for good internet. Ironic how one thing can burn down a leet computer and sadly that is the Achilles heel to my computer atm (waiting for my dad's companies service to get here D:< )

@mordi yes

@PY yes but usually that's what the best thing looks like and if they have the money and don't have to worry about bills then they'll get it. good for the companies since they'll be able to make newer cards faster and then we'll get the chance to afford the cards the rich peoples were buying afterward.

@Josea just because it isn't the newest doesn't mean it is not obsolete, my 9600gt can play any game with almost all max 99% of the time, I can even play crysis at decent settings (this car was 140 when I got it and is now 100) however it can't utilize dx11 which is why I'm going to be getting a new one in the summer for who knows 200? 250? idk. which ever is best for price and performance.

@Kaz I feel your pain >;

@PY that's nice :3